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"Why do YOU want the Sexual connections Advanced Audio Course?"



Hi, I really need this course. About two years ago I fell in love with my best friend, I've thought about her night and day ever since, we ended up getting together and it was amazing, then she had some family problems, and then work related problems and just could'nt deal, so you guessed it, we fell apart. Now she is calling me every day again, and today we both just started working at the same office. She is the love of my life, I know that much is true. But I would love to have the edge that your course can give me. Please think of me when it comes time to decide who wins the contest. I would like nothing more than to get back with her. Sincerely, John





I would like to have the course because you never sent me a copy of the e book that I purchased... its really amazing that you keep sending me items to by when u havent delivered what i have bought. i hope u quit sending me this free info because it really makes you look bad. if you want to be the MAN how about sending me what I paid for.. if not I dont want to be a looser like u. this is about the 20th email i have sent and have not gotten a response yet,, SWINGCAT BE A MAN SEND WHAT I PAID FOR.. IF U NEED MONEY THAT BAD LET ME KNOW BECAUSE I LIKE TO HELP CROOKS. I WAS A COP FOR YEARS





I want the Sexual Connections audio course for several reasons. I am 20 years old, still a virgin, and have kissed only one girl, once. That was when I was 17, when most people were having sex for the first time, not getting their first kiss. I am not that good with women, I am the first to admit. Several times I thought I would get with a girl, only to find out that she started dating someone else. So, I was (and still am)one of those guys that thinks it is magic when some guy can get girls. I just don't understand it. It is my hope that this course will give me the knowledge and confidence to be able to approach women and succeed with them. I am going away to college in a few months (I currently attend the local community college) and don't want to leave still a virgin. I would like to be able to succeed with a woman at least once, to prove to myself that I can attract a woman.





I want your audio course because I am in desperate need of help. While I am reasonably confident in general and don't have any problems talking to women about generic stuff, I have absolutely zero confidence when it comes to initiating something that could trigger their attraction. a 36-year old virgin





Because I ain't had pussy since pussy had me!!!





To improve my social skills with women. Thanks. George.





Hi Swinggcat! Well, I will give you the most honest answer I can come up with. One, I think its excellent that you actually take the time to break these things down in a fairly simple learnable fashion for anyone, born ladies man or not! So thanks brother! Your helping out a lot of dudes out here! Second, well, why I actually cant wait to study up a little more on this subject, I guess theres a few reasons. One, I really love women. I mean, I LOVE them. I love almost everything about them, and I dont think its in the same way most guys might mean it. Hey, Im a regular straight guy and Ive always had plenty of guy friends, but I've always taken a special pleasure from the female companions throughout my life. Now you would think that would make it easy for me to meet girls/women and find a romantic partner (or just a one night stand). And its not that I have a huge trouble doing that, but something is holding me back from going where I would like to go in meeting and dating women and I cant really describe it. I almost feel like pursuing a lady for the purposes of only sex or a non-long term relationship would not be honorable. Now I know many women have no problem with a sexual hook-up or casual relationship, maybe Im just too old-fashioned. I really get into the idea of being chivalrous in life and relationships. I can see myself getting married sometime soon (Im 24) to the love of my life (dont have her yet), but something makes me want to wait a little bit, to try to gain more confidence in certain areas of my life before I take that final step. I think I truly admire women and I love the way most of them are, inside and out, beautiful or not. I always love the opportunity to please a deserving woman in the bedroom and out of it, and I welcome the idea of having more of them. I just dont know what holds me back from being able to approach a diverse group of women, and being okay with seeking only a casual non-platonic relationship at times. I could use some confidence help. Maybe this course will do the trick. They say knowledge is power, right? Plus, women always fascinate me. They are mysterious, interesting, and complex creatures to me and thats what keeps things interesting for me. I think I understand most women pretty well, but maybe I dont know as much as I think I do. In either case, I just desire more substantial experience with women, of all kinds, not necessarily just the young, sexy buxom type, and NOT just for giving me a few moments of pleasure after the sun goes down. Sure, I love sex, but theres so much more than that to be gained from really getting to know people. As you can see, I have the best of motives. I want to take my whole LIFE to the next level, I think this is as good a starting place as any. Thanks again Swinggcat, I appreciate your time in making these courses, until later, Ben





hi mr swinggcat, i intend to know about sexual connection audio course coz of my desire to have women in bed without taking too bad actions of motivation at all, i felt so haphazard about the always making the first move which i think is best though it work a bit but it put me into the higher risk of money spenders which i couldnt hold it anymore.





Hello, thanks for reading! Look, I have a pretty good idea of what most guys are writing here. Maybe they want to give you a whole history of their failures with women. Maybe they want to tell you about seduction gurus that failed them. Hell, maybe they just want to kiss your Ass. Well, I am not most guys. Face it, You are going to get hundreds of such e-mails. The bottom line is that I liked your Real World Seduction Series and you can be damn sure I would like the Sexual Connections course for free. Now, I may sound a little harsh. So, feel free to either tell me to go to hell or give me a shot at your audio course. The choice of course has always been yours. Peter





I'm like the student mentioned in your email - I've tried everything and have failed to get any results. I'm not sitting back and complaining, I keep trying, keep getting out in the field and approaching women. But I'm starting to doubt whether any of it will work, and if you think your course is good enough to make the difference then I want to try it out! Rob Email –





I am in a unique situation in my game right now, and I figured it out on this past Friday night. I started learning all about the seduction scene five years after I was married- and it only really accelerated after the audio course that you had. It was when I went out with a bunch of single guys, and I told them I would wing for them. Well, they couldn't believe it as I opened set after set of beautiful, fun, sexual women, over and over in rapid succession. I have outstanding success with women, which has positive implications in my social and busines life. I realized that I was starting to get a certain power, a mindset that was beyond my wildest imagination, and beyond their comprehension. Most puas stop because they are single and once they find a girlfriend, stop picking up. And stop learning. I am happily married, and I haven't stopped. And won't. I want to know how far a man can possibly go in the world of seduction, the only thing stopping me now is the lack of new material. Mystery, Style, Tyler, Lance, they all studied the same stuff, its all basically the same. The NLP guys have their stuff, I've read and practiced it all. I need something new, a Grand Unification Theory of seduction in tapping those different regions of the brain, to take it to the next level. Lol. I want to be a master. And out of all of the material, the push-pull dynamic works the best, by far. Whats next... I'm gonna find out.





I have a sob story: I was 5'8 20lbs in high school. I have petruding forehead that has inspired kids on teh subway in nyc to take camera phone pictures and mock me in public...but sob stories are boring. I doubt I'll beat some of the stories you'll get from other guys entering this contest. And Frankly I made my life work in spite of my story. I found a way to keep women around me by becoming their best friend....but beyond that cliche, I also became adept at becoming very close with their boyfriends and crushes. It was the closest I could get to an intimate relationship with the girls themselves. Being surrounded by women, though, only made my particular insecurity that much more obvious. I'm 23 years old now...survived college by attaching myself to a couple of women for long enough to make them curious about being intimate with me. So I got lucky a couple of times...I am 23 years old and realized just the other day that I never once thought a woman could be physically attracted to me. It never occured to me that I could ever inspire lust in a woman. Though my friends consider me to be a very social guy and I've managed to develop friendships with some reasonable attractive women, the loss of power that has come out my insecurity has cost me a lot. Among the countless courses out there...I feel like the sexual connections course would offer me the opportunity to see myself through a very different lens...and empowering lens. I'm not 260lbs (lost 60lbs) any more, I have a good job, and great friends. I'm fairly new to this seduction stuff but I think I can get pretty good at it with practice. Access to the possibility of feeling as though I am attractive to women is perhaps the single most inspiring prospect I have come across in my life. Thanks





Elan the don here hi swinggcat, I'm a good looking man, I can generate attraction but there is a fucking wall somewhere. I can't seem to find that missing ingredient to get out of myself. I began taking acting classes the last year which has helped my self-confidence and it's fun but the enigma of women traps me. I come from a artist background of family, art and life is in me but something about women completely stumps me. I have used the word connection talking about women just randomly whenever i gave any personal advice to friends. You can feel people deeper than others, some of my closest friends I see once a year maybe. I would really like to have a better understanding of connecting with someone, and would be thankful if you thought I deserved it. your friend, Elan





Why do I want your course? If I can score with a women I desire just by working on her brain receptors I want to do that! I will fill you in on all of the "details" upon one month of using your program. Thanks, Happless Rick





Swinggcat, I want the Sexual Connections audio course because I want to lead a happier and more successful life in general and especially with women. Currently, the responses from women I get are not what I want, to me they are downright pathetic. Am I one of those lovable losers? No. However, after all the time (years) and hard earned money I've invested in myself to become 'good' with women, I don't exactly have women breaking down my door wanting to be around me. Going out and attracting women at the moment feels like a chore (hard work and boring). I think it should be fun and easy. I believe this course will help me feel better about myself by getting this area of attracting women in my life handled and make attracting women fun. Thanks. Sincerely, Michael



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