"How Confident Would You Feel Knowing You Could Generate Attraction With Any Woman You Want?"

If You Too Want To Possess The Power To Generate Massive Attraction In The Women You Desire, Giving You An Unfair Advantage Over Other Men, Then It's Crucial That You Read Every Word Of This Letter Very Carefully...


From: Swinggcat
Author of "Real World Seduction 2.0"

Dear friend,

Three dating and attraction myths have snaked their way into most men's minds (and there's a good chance they're crippling your success with women as well).

If you buy into any of these myths, then NOT reading this letter would be one the most costly mistakes of your life...

...because later on I'm going to expose all three myths and give you step-by-step instructions on purging your psyche of them - forever.

But first...

I want to share with you, my friend, a short story about myself.

I was recently out at a trendy Hollywood nightclub with a friend of mine who considers himself a real catch.

And rightfully so: He is blessed with Johnny Depp good looks, a six-foot-four-inch frame, the gift of gab, and gobs of money. Dictionary authors could get away with putting his photo under the word 'attraction' - he's that good looking.

Nature wasn't as generous with me. To say he has one up on me in the looks department is more than an understatement. You get the picture, right?

The both of us were chatting up two young, attractive women. He was bragging about his success in the business world, feeding the girls heaps of compliments, and offering to buy them drinks in an attempt to gain points with them.

I was doing none of these things!

But the funny thing was this...

After A Few Minutes, The Girls Couldn't Keep Their Little Paws Off Me!

He was convinced it was a fluke. But then we talked to more women and the same thing happened.

Can You Guess What Gave Me One-Up On Mr. Perfect?

If you don't know, don't worry. A big part of what gave me an edge was avoiding the 3 Crippling Attraction Myths like the plague.

Crippling Myth # 1

Generating Attraction In Women Is Always About Appealing To What They Say They Want...

This one really makes me seethe with anger because it's 100% false.

Like most guys, I used to take this myth to heart. I think I originally learned it from some cheesy dating book.

But then, years ago, a girl zapped this myth right out of my brain.

She was a 5'8" blonde and attractive enough to pose in Playboy. (The only thing that might've held her back was her breasts. Playboy usually doesn't photograph girls as busty as her).

When I first met her, she told me that she's only attracted to blonde guys over six feet.

Being the exact opposite of her preference, I thought I didn't have a chance with her.

But the long and the short of it was, I ended up generating heaps of attraction inside her and she became my girlfriend.

Since then, many women have blatantly told me that I was not their type. Nonetheless, they ended up feeling attraction toward me.

The moral of the story is that "attraction" and what a woman prefers in a man are not the same thing.

Attraction is an emotion.

While a woman's "preference" is a set of beliefs about what triggers the emotion "attraction" inside her.

Some of the beliefs are cultural: they come from the media, friends, and family.

Others come from her past experiences.

But here's the good news...

A Woman Doesn't Have To Believe You're Capable Of Triggering Attraction Inside Her For You To Trigger Attraction Inside Her!

But if you, my friend, don't know how to systematically trigger and generate attraction in women, then you're gonna piddle through life getting haphazard results - at best!

That's Why I'm Gonna Teach You Step-By-Step How To Trigger The Emotion "Attraction" In Any & Every Woman You Desire, Compelling Her To Want & Reach & Chase For More Of You...

...And You Won't Learn This Method Anywhere Else Because I'm The Only One Teaching It.

Crippling Myth # 2

Impressing, Getting Validation From, Or Winning A Woman Over Will Make Her Attracted To You...

Most dating experts will give you tons of advice, tactics, and pickup lines for impressing, getting validation from, and winning women over.

Many of these techniques seem tempting because we have a natural inclination toward wanting validation from others.

Following this advice, however, is one of the most crippling mistakes you could make. I should know.

I've tried every trick in the book to get women's validation and it generated absolutely zero attraction.

Fact: Women are attracted to men who establish themselves as the PRIZE in the interaction.

When you try to impress, get validation from, or win a woman over, you convey to her that you're not the PRIZE. As a muderous consequence, she becomes immune to feeling any attraction towards you.

Some dating experts claim the trick is to believe you're the PRIZE. Good advice. But that's only the first step to emotionally driving women to see you as the PRIZE.

I'm Going Reveal To You My Entire Step-By-Step Method For Establishing Yourself As The Prize With Every Woman You Come Into Contact With.

So Keep Reading...

Crippling Myth # 3

If A Woman Gives You Here Phone Number Or Goes Out On A Date With You, She's Attracted To You!

I am really sick and tired of seeing all the "How To Get A Date" or "How To Get A Woman's Number" or "How To Get A Woman To Talk To You" or "How To Grope A Woman To Death" products on the internet.

Let me clarify something. Even achieving all of these things with a woman does not necessarily bode success.

I hate to break it to you but women talk to, give their numbers out to, and go out on dates with men they feel no ATTRACTION for all the time.

If you are new to playing the "dating game," then just talking to a woman, or getting her number, or persuading her to go on a date with you, may be a huge feat.

So, if you are a newbie, then give yourself a pat on the back for accomplishing any of these things.

But the sad reality is...

If you fail to generate ATTRACTION with a woman... then you will probably never succeed with her - regardless of getting her number, talking to her on the phone, or going on a date with her.

"I Don't Know About You... But I Only Care About Real Success With The Women I Desire."

If you only want to learn how to get numbers from and dates with women, then you don't even have to spend money on a "how-to" product.

You can learn how to do this 100% free.

Just start asking women what you need to do to get their number or a date with them.

You'll get the exact same information that 99% of other dating advice products contain, including the ones that claim to offer secret information.

But Some Things Women Won't Tell You...

Women will rarely ever reveal the real secrets for generating ATTRACTION with them.

The reason is that most women are not even conscious of what generates ATTRACTION inside them.

The few women aware of these mechanisms DON'T want you to know about them....

...Because, Then, You'll Have The Power To Emotionally Compel Women To Want And Reach And Chase For More Of You, Leaving Them No Choice But To Feel Attraction Toward You!

I want you to have more success with women than just getting phone numbers and going on dates with them.

My Only Purpose Is To Teach You The Necessary Attraction Skills You Need To Achieve Massive Success With The Women You Desire!

If you weren't aware of these myths, don't feel bad. There was a time when I wasn't aware of them either.

I still remember watching friends of mine spark that magical attraction with women. I was so jealous.

I'd rationalize that they could spark attraction because of their looks, money, wit, social status... and so on.

I'd think to myself, "I just can't compete." But these were just excuses. The heart of the matter was that I felt frustrated because...

I Couldn't, For The Life Of Me, Figure Out How To Generate Attraction In Women!

I decided to proactively get a foothold on the "attraction process." At first, I read every self-help book on dating and flirting I could get my hands on... but none of the material seemed to work.

Then things took a lucky turn for the fortunate when I made good friends with a small, select group of natural ladies men.

Yet it got even better...

They were cool enough guys to spill the beans on everything they knew about flirting, dating, attraction, and seduction.

It Was Like Backing Up A U-Haul Truck And Raiding Their Brains For Every Secret, Technique, Concept, & Sliver Of Expertise They Had!

Over the last ten years I've been quietly testing, tweaking, and fine tuning the ATTRACTION secrets I learned from these naturals.

In a nutshell, I've written a book called Real World Seduction 2.0. Inside you'll get your hands on my fool-proof step-by-step system for generating ATTRACTION in women, emotionally compelling them to chase you as a PRIZE they want to win over.

If You Can Spare Fifteen Minutes A Day Reading & Applying The Secrets From Real World Seduction 2.0, Then You Have What It Takes To Achieve The Love Life Of Your Dreams...

The Secrets Inside Real World Seduction 2.0 Will Dramatically Improve Your Love Life Regardless Of...

Looks, money, social status, or innate charisma.

Having no prior expierence with women, only acheiving mediocre to average success with da ladies in the past, or just getting out of a relationship.

Already being successful with women. (If you consider yourself a player, pickup artist, or ladies man, these skills will take your game to the next level.)

The enviornment you're using them in. (The skills and tools you'll learn work everywhere: bars, nightclubs, bookstores, coffee shops, at school, the work place, online... and so on.)

The type of women you're using them on. (These secrets work on all language using hominids with a vagina between their legs: from the girl next store to young party girls to sorority sisters to sexy intellectuals to strippers to models to cougars on the prowl... and so on.)

Your goals with the ladies. (The attraction system you're about to get your hands on can be used to achieve one-night-stands, create a relationship on your terms with the woman of your dreams, harness lots of attention and affection from drop-dead gorgeous girls, spice up the relationship you're already in... or whatever your mind can muster up.)

But don't just take my word for it.

Here's What Some Folks Recently Had To Say After Reading My Book...


I can honestly say that I believe I am one of a handful of people in the entire world who really knows the ins-and-outs of generating ATTRACTION in women?

...and I may be the only one who has broken this skill down into a step-by-step process that You, my friend, can easily master.


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