Using A Woman's Own Self Interest To Create Attraction

My response:

Great job bro. You're well on your way to becoming... Darth Vader.

Just play'n.

You've really put into use many of my key attraction techniques and concepts: Push-Pull, Prizability, Prizing, Open Loops, Tension Loops, Cold Reading, Point System... and so on.

You get my highest rating: an A-.

"I was always a good looking guy but I was never successful with women because I never knew how to interact with them or how to create attraction."

There's no denying it, looks can help. But the most important element, by far, is mastering the necessary skills to generate ATTRACTION in women.

I know many "conventionally" good looking guys who can't ATTRACT women... even if their life depended on it.

Likewise, some of my friends are butt ugly yet endowed with the
opposite problem most men have: so many attractive women want to sleep with them that they are always struggling to squeeze in a few minutes of alone time.

Imagine that: Having so many women in your life that you look
forward to and covet a Saturday night alone.

Some people - especially those who've not yet studied my material - might misconstrue the techniques you used as mean and manipulative.

Trying to win a woman over by doing "conventionally" nice things for her (think, for example, of buying her dinners, listening to her problems... and so on) is, ironically, more manipulative and a heck of a lot less effective than the techniques you used.

A basic law of persuasion is to always appeal to people's self-interest, never their gratitude.

Put simply, goading a woman to feeling thankful or guilty or thinking that she owes you for all of the things you've done for her will NEVER generate ANY ATTRACTION in her.

Many a woman will, in fact, feel that you're trying to manipulate her.

You, however, used techniques appealing to this woman's self-interest.

I'm willing to go out on a limb that this woman would have felt less comfort and trust with you if you had tried to win her over by appealing to her gratitude.

Also, a man trying to generate attraction in a woman by appealing to her gratitude will come across as needy and smothering.

When you, instead, appeal to their self-interest, like you did, it creates a space, allowing them to feel attraction toward you and chase you all on their own.

Let's look at some examples of how you did this:

"I teased her the entire night. When talking to her I charmed her friend, INSTEAD of her and teased her right in front of her friend, which got her very interested....At the end of the night I easily got her #."

This is great! I'm sure there are some guys reading this, thinking, "What the F! If you tease and make fun of her, you risk messing up your chances with her."

Although counterintuitive, this couldn't be further from the truth. The more you worry about messing up your chances with a girl, the more likely you are to mess up your chances with her.

Most of the time women think men are interested in them. When you intentionally act in ways that undermine your interest in a woman - such as, teasing her - it plants a seed of doubt in her mind, making her think: "maybe he isn't interested."

One of the quickest ways a man can generate attraction with a woman is by not showing any attachment, worry or care about his intended outcome with her while simultaneously letting her know that he believes she is massively attracted to him.

I suspect you conveyed this through teasing her. Not in a mean, insulting way, conveying that you have a penchant for freelance dentistry, making her feel like you're on the cusp of pulling her teeth out with a pair of rusty pliers.

You teased her, instead, playfully, letting her know that you know how much she likes you and conveying that you could care less if anything ensues.

When you tease a woman in this way the subtext is that you are the Prize she is trying to win over. She is chasing you. There is more to gain for her than for you. You are appealing to her self-interest, not her gratitude.

You charmed and flirted with her friend while she was present and it increased the attraction - good for you.

Some women claim to be turned off by this.

In my experience, however, women are attracted to men that are desired by other women.

I can think of heaps of situations where a woman's attraction toward me grew exponentially as she watched other women, charmed by my presence, vie for my attention.

"So the date ended, and I didn't call her after the date. In fact, SHE CALLED ME 4 days later after I didn't call her... she was clearly chasin me because she saw me as the prize. I told her that I didn't call her because she smokes which I didn't like (which was a lie) and I said to her that I'd give her "another chance"....which she thought to herself "who the F is this guy" (which she told me) but got her VERY interested."

Good stuff. Did you not call her because you earnestly didn't think of calling her, or were you playing hard to get?

If I feel like calling a girl I just met, I call her ASAP.

Am I risking her knowing that I dig her?

Yes... but who cares?

Women aren't turned off by men liking them. They are turned off by men attached to the outcome of getting together with them. This is called "neediness."

Telling her that you didn't call her because she smokes was a lie. Some women will see through this, exposing your attachment to the outcome.

If you want to take your attraction skills a step further, sit down, get out a piece of paper, and take a few moments to come up with what your standards and expectations with women are.

Don't just come up with deal breakers. Think of all the annoying things women do that you are willing to tolerate if they have other qualities you like.

The next time a woman does something that is annoying but you're willing to make an exception, tell her. You'll get a lot of
mileage out of this gem.

If you don't get why this is powerful you need to get yourself a copy of my course.

"So we had a 2nd date, went over well, and i ended up at her house....we made out, got really intense on the foreplay then i told her I had to leave..............and left. This girl is soooo wild, I can't even write it out..."

Very nice! I do this too. Give a woman tremendous pleasure... but incompletely, leaving her wanting more.

Women are hit on all the time - especially if they're attractive.

Looks, money, and fame sometimes appeal to women's self-interest... but usually it's short lived.

Fact: Some poor, fat, old, bald and ugly men attract heaps of gorgeous women...and these women find it in their self-interest to be with these men.


Because these men have mastered the underlying mechanisms for generating massive attraction in women.

What would life be like if you really had the necessary attraction skills to make beautiful women feel it's in their self-interest to be with you?

Do you think it's possible?

I know it's possible and within your reach and can be achieved within a relatively short time frame with my course.

I'm so confident that you're going to absolutely love my course that I'm gonna let you test drive it free of charge.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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