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From: Swinggcat
Author of "Real World Seduction"

Dear friend,

We’ve all known guys who had that remote in the palm of their hand.

We’re talkin’ natural ladies men who can walk into a crowded room, mosey up to an ice queen, and within seconds thaw her into a giggly little girl.
If we surveyed a million people and asked them what’s the driving force behind these guy’s success with women, you know what the most common answers would be?

Naturals Either Have Looks Or An Unattainable X Factor

There’s no denying it. Looks can help. But having that X factor is far more important. And the world abounds with good looking men who don’t get women because they’re missing that X factor.

Likewise, there’s guys lumbered with a mug only a mother could love. Yet they’ve got that special something X factor. As a result, attractive women are magnetically drawn to these guys. Even men sporting model good looks cannot compete.

Maybe you’ve known guys with that something special X factor. I’ve known several.

The question is…

What is the X factor and is it attainable?

I’m gonna answer this question in a minute but first, have you ever…

  • Chickened out on approaching a woman you wanted to meet?
  • Been rejected by a woman?
  • Thought a woman was brimming with lust for you… but then she unexpectedly went cold and became aloof?
  • Gotten a woman’s phone number but when you tried to call she didn’t pick up and NEVER returned your phone calls.
  • Made out with a girl in a night club but then she ignored you for the rest of the night?
  • Had a hard time keeping a conversation going with a woman (or felt at a loss over what to talk about with her)?
  • Caught a woman’s eyes roving around for something more interesting to pay attention to than talking to you?
  • Had a woman cheat on you?
  • Felt bitter and jealous that your better looking friends always seem to get the hot girls?

If you answered YES to even one of these questions then it’s imperative that you read what I’m about to tell you very carefully… because even if you already get results with women, there’s a good chance you’re missing this X factor… and there’s something you can do about it… so keep reading…

I’m gonna admit something to you that’s not easy to admit…

You know those questions I just asked you?

Well, my friend, along my journey I’ve experienced every single one of them.

I remember in college trying to figure this stuff out. I remember going to parties, bars, and clubs.

Often my interactions with women didn’t last long at all. “Rejection” was my middle name.

Every so often, I’d muster up enough courage to go in for the kill and approach a woman. But I’d almost always go belly up. My opening line just didn’t come out right. The humor I used didn’t quite resonate with the girls. Reactions ranged from confusion to boredom to disdain.

If I did get an interaction going… usually it wasn’t for very long. Their eyes would rove around looking for something more interesting than interacting with boring-as-Velveeta-cheese me.

They say A.D.D. is something you’re born with. Back then, I believed it was a disease women caught from talking to me. I’d ask them questions and they’d either give me one word answers or ignore me all together.

On occasion, a girl would be into me. But then, one of my better looking friends would swoop in by uttering what I thought was a couple of grunts and the girl had her little paws all over him. Any knowledge of me was erased from her memory banks.

This made me so bitter and jealous.

But really lack of looks were just an excuse. There was something else going on. Something I kinda knew unconsciously. But didn’t want to admit it to myself on a conscious level. Something that actually had very little to do with looks…

I Was Missing The X Factor That Natural Ladies Possess

What the heck is the X factor anyway?

The X Factor Is Possessing Vibability: The Ability To Sexually Vibe With Women

I wasn’t vibing with girls.

Before I jump into this, let’s back up so you know what I have in mind.

I had girls I was friends with and they loved me to death.

Occasionally I would hook up with a girl so drunk she couldn’t process anything around her…

Here and there, I’d get jiggy with a girl so ugly she was thrilled to have someone give her attention.

Every so often, I’d get to listen to some chick talk my ear off as I sat there bobbing my head up and down. A lot of girls are looking for an audience.

But just listening, doesn’t mean you’re vibing with them.

I studied self-help disciplines like Nero Linguistic Programming. Most of the material I found was designed for salesmen and therapists. (As I discovered years later, this stuff is useful for people with great social and vibing skills. But if you don’t know how to vibe with women, this stuff can actually make you come across as weird and creepy).

Then I tried stuffing my noggin with carefully crafted memorized lines to say to women.

You know what? To some extent it worked. Some girls responded positively to it.

But as my script came to an end, the women would scurry away.

At this stage, I could make women laugh. Sometimes even stick my tongue down their throat. And easily get their phone number.

But you know what?

I’d NEVER hear from these girls again. When I called them, they’d NEVER return my phone calls. Occasionally when calling them, they’d pick up the phone by mistake. But then they’d quickly invent an excuse to get off the phone with me.

I thought, “My memorized material isn’t strong enough. I need funnier… even more interesting things to say.”

But that wasn’t the problem. The problem was… I was stuck inside my own head. I tried to muscle every girl to go along with my canned script.


Through Spending More Hours Interacting With Women Than I’d Care To Admit, I Slowly Learned To Vibe With Them

However, for years it was an unconscious process. But over the past year I’ve really broken vibing down into a step-by-step learnable and repeatable structure.

To my knowledge no one has nailed down what this structure is.

What Are Vibes?

These days we normally think of emotions or moods as inner psychological states. Think of love, hate, anger, sadness… or any other emotion you fancy.

These are things we feel on the inside, right?

Well, not according to the ancient Greeks. They had a different conception of moods. They believed moods were something we find ourselves inside of. They color our world. In fact, their Gods were personifications of these moods.

For example, they believed, when the Goddess Aphrodite appears everything is in light of the erotic.

There’s even remnants of this Greek conception in our culture. When referring to romantic love, most women don’t say, “I feel a lot of love towards him.”

Instead they say, “I’m in love with him.”

In other words, it is something they are inside of.

The best way to think of vibes is to use the ancient Greek concept of moods.

Vibes are neither something you feel nor something that emanate outward from the inside.

Instead, they are something you’re inside of.

Also you cannot change a woman’s vibe if you’re outside of it.

Think of when you go to a party. There’s an overall vibe to the party.

Granted, different clusters of people at the party may be inside a slightly different vibe from others.

But if you pay close attention, you’ll notice that their subvibe is actually inside of the overall vibe of the party.

When you’re at a party, you can either tune into the vibe or not. If you don’t, you aren’t really part of the party. You’re just a creepy outsider.

What Is Vibing?

Vibing is a man’s ability to direct the vibe of the situation in a direction conducive to his out come with a woman.

But Remember: You Cannot Change A Vibe You Are Not Inside Of
In order to change the vibe you need to first, tune into the vibe a woman is in and sync up with it.

What Are Vibe Threads

Have you ever noticed how conversations have threads or conversation topics that seem to move your conversation with a woman in a certain direction?

In theory, one might think, if you could control the conversational thread, you could steward the interaction with a woman in the direction of your choice, right?

Alas, wrong…

Conversation is only one part of vibing. A large chunk of vibing with women is devoid of anything resembling a conversation.

Let’s look at a small list…

  • Dancing
  • Looking at each other
  • Smiling Laughing at something funny
  • Holding hands
  • Hugging
  • Making out

All of these things count as important parts of vibing. But there’s nothing conversational about them.

This is why a lot of guys who obsess over controlling the conversational thread struggle with women in bars. Most of the time it has little to do with their age or looks. They always complain that it’s too noisy to have conversations with women.

My advice to these guys: Tune into and sync up with the girl’s vibe thread. Once you’re in her vibe thread, feel free to change it.

One Of the Big Secrets Behind Natural’s Success With Women Is Their Ability To Set Vibe Threads That Lead Women In The Direction Of Their Intended Outcome – Whether It Be A Relationship, A Secret Tryst, One-Night-Stand, Or Something Else

Here’s A Sneak Peek At What You'll Learn Inside The Natural Vibing Audio Course…

How To Initiate Sexual Vibing With A Female Stranger Without Depending On Memorized Pickup Lines

Guys always want the perfect pickup line.

You know why?

Because it eases their fear and gives them the illusion of control over the situation (But that’s all it is: an illusion).

Vibes in the real world are dynamic. They are always changing.

If all you’ve got going for you is your pickup line… then it’s only gonna initiate vibing if it happens to sync up with the woman’s vibe.

Let me share a quick story with you that relates to this…

Several months back I was out at a club with a buddy of mine. He sports rock star good looks. On most nights, he does quite well with women.

But not on this night. We all have our flubups.

He took a tragic crack at approaching a group of female bodies flaying around to the music with a canned opener.

Inevitably, the girls ignored him. Instead of adjusting his game, he just kept trying to get his line out. But the girls kept pretending he didn’t exist. They culled him from their reality.

He got more and more frustrated.

Did they have A.D.D.? Did they find him ugly as sin? Anything is possible.

But I’d put my money on it, these things weren’t the culprits.


His canned line didn’t sync up with the girl’s vibe.

Does this mean that canned lines won’t work on every girl in every situation?

Not necessarily. Let me share another story with you…

I was out a few nights ago with a buddy of mine. We came up with some wacky pickup line to try on women (I’ve been doing this long enough where I don’t need a pickup line for approaching a woman. But now and then, I use them because they’re a lot of fun).

My buddy has got a good four inches on me. Plus, he’s got me beat in the “conventional” good looks department.

Through the course of the night we each used this wacky line five or six times. The exact same words flew out of our traps.

Yet we reaped a completely different reaction.

Every time he used the line, the girls either walked away or got angry and picked a fight with him.

On the other hand, every time I used the line, the girls were laughing, giggling, and putting their horny little paws all over me.

Hmm. What’s going on here? How could a memorized line work six times in a row for me and not for my friend?


When it comes to the initiating sexual vibes the words coming out of your mouth are irrelevant.

It wasn’t the pickup line or my minty fresh breath that was getting the great reactions from the girls.

It was something else… something far more power… I was using a set of behavioral patterns I stumbled onto that all ladies men use.

I call The 7 Fundamentals To Approaching & Vibing With Women.

These are 7 patterns of behavior and communication that allow you to tune into and sync up with a woman’s vibe and give power to change the vibe thread to something that leads the interaction in the direction of your intended outcome with her.

Once You Master These Seven Fundamentals, You’ll Possess The Power To Initiate A Sexual Vibe With 99% Of Women.

Just imagine how many opportunities with women you’ll have once you master the 7 Fundamentals.

Here’s Just A Sliver Of What You’ll Learn About Initiating Sexual Vibes With Women

  • How to turn on a switch in your brain that will mutate fear of approaching women into wit, charm, and confidence.

  • A mind game ladies men play that gives them a disproportionate advantage with women over regular guys (Start using this and in no time you’ll find yourself vibing with girls you currently think are out of your league.)

  • Secrets to pushing past your comfort threshold for approaching women

  • The Seven Fundamental broken down into excruciating detail.

  • How to use secret body language and facial expressions that intensify your Prizability and sexual vibe by 300%

  • How to use the fourfold meta-frame to amplify the sexual vibe between you and a woman.

  • Secret psychology to using your eyes to both build Prizability and initiate the sexual vibe with women (Not using your eyes properly will kill the vibe faster than insecticide kills bugs. So many slaughter their chances with women through not know how to properly use their eyes.)

  • Boot camp style exercises to cure you of pickup line dependence and tattoo the 7 fundamentals on your brain.

  • Step-by-step instructions on initiating the vibe in every major possible scenario you’d spot a woman you’d like to meet (After you listen to this section, you’ll have knowledge to initiate a vibe with women in 97% of all situations.)

  • How to vibe with women when you’re with a wingman (This may seem obvious. But it’s actually a subtle art. (Doing it wrong is worse than having halitosis breath around women.)

How To Establish Rapport With A Woman & What To Do Once You’re In Rapport With Her (Note: Read Closely Because It’s Not What You Think.)

There’s a major difference between vibing and being in rapport with someone. Two people are vibing with each other when their vibes are in sync and they get where the other person is coming from. You should be vibing with a woman from the moment you meet her to the bedroom and beyond.

On the other hand, being in rapport with a woman has to do with status.

When you meet a woman, you want to create as much Prizability as possible. Without a healthy share of Prizability, building attraction is a mountain of difficulty. More difficult than a fat girl’s kneecaps straining to heft up her big-as-a-mini-mart torso into standing position.

The quickest way to maximize your Prizability is to widen the status gap between you and the woman.

Have you ever been friends with a high-status person? When you met them, you may have noticed that their status was a few flights of stairs above yours.

But as you guys became friends, the status gap shrunk. This same process takes place when meeting, dating, and attracting women.

Being in rapport with a woman is when the nature of your relationship with her changes from strangers to friends.

How do you segue into rapport with a woman?

Shrink the status gap between you. When Prizability is seeping out of every one of your skin pores and you shrink the status gap, a little girl with knee-high socks and pigtails living inside her skull squeals: “Yea! I’ve won him over. He wants to be friends with me.”

You may be thinking, “Shrink the status gap? How the heck do I do that?”
Inside Natural Vibing you’ll get the down lo on how to shrink the status gap (It’s actually easy than you think.)

Once you’re in rapport with a woman, you wanna keep doing all the things you did that got you there in the first place… but you wanna do them in a slightly different way.


Once you’re in the rapport phase, you’ve got a plethora of brand spanking new vibing structures that naturals use to put a woman’s limbic system on overdrive, leaving her no choice but to experience powerful emotions toward you.

Inside I spill the beans on every single one of these structures.

Warning: Be careful who use this on. If you aren’t careful, you may create a stalker.

Here’s A Pinhole Peek At Just A Few Of The Vibing Techniques Tailored-Made For When You’re In Rapport With A Woman

  • The 3 biggest rapport pitfalls guys make. (If you commit any one these, you’re sabotaging your success with women.)

  • An almost unknown tactic naturals use to establish commonalities that are 100 times more effective than the standard way (The standard way for establishing commonalities is as bad as hacking off your family jewels and serving it to a woman on a platter.)

  • Many psychologists say you need two things in common with someone to form a bond (Inside you’ll learn a psychological trick for circumventing this rule.)

  • How to create commonalties out of thin air.

  • My secret formula for turning a dis-commonality into a commonality in a way that creates a grotesquely powerful emotional vibe.

  • Secrets to etching yourself into a woman’s limbic system in a way that incites her to emotionally feel that she’s known you for years.

  • Step-by-step examples of how to play low status in a way that ups your Prizability, exponentially strengthens the vibe, and rips down any resistance she felt about becoming intimate with you.

  • The trick behind complimenting women (complimenting women is a crucial step in seduction yet the way most guys do it cripples any attraction or trust that was there).

  • How to let a woman know you like – the right way.

  • Examples of how to shrink the status gap between yourself and a woman

  • Heaps of examples of Using Prizability, Push-pull, and sexual tension inside the rapport phase (Remember: If you wanna keep the attraction alive you must use these skills in the rapport phase. But you need to apply them differently from how you would use them before the rapport phase. Inside you’ll learn that subtle difference.)

  • Heaps of exercises to make all these concepts a part of who you are so you don’t need to turn them into memorized routines.


A Brand-Spanking New Cold Reading Structure Requiring Zero Memorization That Magnifies All Of The Vibing Techniques In The Course

In past courses I’ve discussed something called Cold Reading.

It’s a special technique for breaking down a woman’s personality without her telling you anything about herself.

Don’t know if you’ve used it before but it’s a great technique to quickly become an authority in a woman world.

Over the last couple years I’ve noticed that naturals use a brand of cold reading… one that women really respond to.

These guys don’t even know they’re cold reading… but they are.

Through modeling naturals and doing a ton of research I’ve come up with a new structure for cold reading…. One specifically designed to magnify the vibing techniques in this course.

Furthermore, this new method goes way beyond anything on cold reading I’ve taught before yet doesn’t require any memorization on your part.

This Method Alone Will Improve Your Ability To Vibe With Women

Here’s A Tiny Taste Of What You’ll Learn About This Brand-Spanking New Cold Reading Structure

  • Why even intelligent women believe their horoscope is uniquely true about them… and how to use this psychological fact to generating power vibe in women

  • A simple test that accurately slots a women into one of four personality types (Once you have this information, you can break down their personality to them and they’ll be mystified and think that you guys must know each other on a deep level – think soul mates. The best part is, women have no idea when you’re testing to break down their personality).

  • How to use her age to determine critical moments she’s going through in her life (All people think what they are going through is unique to them. However, more often than not, it conforms to what other people their age are going through. In other words, there are universal life stages. Inside I reveal what these life stages are and how to use them.)

  • Dirty little secret to figuring out her thinking process (she might find it a bit spooky that you were able to figure this out…. But it will build a powerful vibe).

  • How to use specific wording that makes it next to impossible for her to deny what you’re saying true about her.

  • A secret technique for taking a cold read she disagrees with and twisting it around until she accepts it (97% of the time, when they accept it they have no memory of disagreeing with you from the get go. Inside I explain why this is the case.)

  • The psychology behind using cold reading to simultaneously create commonalities and allude to a higher power bringing you and a woman together

  • How to use this cold reading structure to create a vibe that takes your interaction with her in the direction you choose.

  • A step-by-step dialogue of me cold reading a woman to create powerful vibes.


An Ancient Yet Universal Story Telling Structure That Taps Deep Into A Woman’s Limbic Brain & Drives Her Unconscious Mind To Identify Deeply With You & The Story You Are Telling

In my other courses, I’ve primarily taught stories that make women laugh and captivate their attention.

But in this course I’m going to share something with you that will allow you to captivate women on a much deeper level.

You’ll have the power to evoke emotional empathy in women not through telling them about some tragic event that happened to you but through using a universal structure of that forces their brain to identify with you and your story.

A Quick Look At What You Learn About Story Telling For Vibing

  • Why some guys cannot tell stories – and a simple solution if you happen to be one of those guys

  • Step-by-step breakdown of this universal story telling structure and dozens of examples of it in action

  • Eight universal archetypes (characters) to include in your stories (the more of these characters you use in your stories, the stronger the impact you’ll have on women.

  • A story telling structure that puts you deep into a woman’s heart and then creates a fear of loss compelling her to be with you right now (This is dark side stuff… so use it with caution.)

  • Story telling structures to etch yourself into a woman’s brain and compel her to come inside your reality

  • Story telling structures to make her think that a higher power brought the two of together, allowing her to justify sexual intimacy with you.

  • And boot camp exercises to tattoo these techniques into your brain

Using Vibing To Get Intimate With Women

Inside Natural Vibing You’ll also learn powerful secrets for quickly becoming intimate with women. These are skills haven’t shared with any one before.

These make women feel totally comfortable with you getting intimate with them – even if they’ve just met you.

Here’s a little tease at just a few of the technique you’ll learn…

  • How to create context in which women feel comfortable revealing their sexual fantasies

  • A simple question that compels them to commit to acting out on that fantasy with you.

  • A make pretend game you can use on a woman you’ve just met that makes them feel comfortable having sex with you. (I’ve used this with women I’ve known for less than an hour. But this little game is so powerful, I was able to parlay it into sex.)

  • And much much more.

Where a lot of guys go wrong when approaching women is that they don’t tune into the woman’s vibe and sync up with hers.

This immediately alarms the woman that the guy lacks the coolness factor.
Let me share two quick stories about this with you…

Story # 1: Several months back I was out at a club with a buddy of mine. He sports rock star good looks. On most nights, he does quite well with women.

But not on this night. We all have our flubups.

He takes a tragic crack at approaching a group of female bodies flaying around to the music with a canned opener.

Inevitably, the girls ignored him. Instead of adjusting his game, he just kept trying to get his line out. But the girls kept pretending he didn’t exist. They culled him from their reality.

He got more and more frustrated.

Did they have A.D.D.? Did they find him ugly as sin? Anything is possible.

But I’d put my money on it, these things weren’t the culprits.

Story # 2: I was out a few nights ago with a buddy of mine. We came up with some wacky pickup line to try on women (I’ve been doing this long enough where I don’t need a pickup line for approaching a woman. But now and then, I use them because they’re a lot of fun).

My buddy has got a good four inches on me. Plus, he’s got me beat in the “conventional” good looks department.

Through the course of the night we each used this wacky line five or six times. The exact same words flew out of our traps.

Yet we reaped a completely different reaction.

Every time he used the line, the girls either walked away or got angry and picked a fight with him.

On the other hand, every time I used the line, the girls were laughing, giggling, and putting their horny little paws all over me.

What Was Your Inspiration For Making The Natural Vibing Course?

A couple of reasons…

First of all…natural Vibing has always been in the background.
Because vibing used to be one of my weaknesses, I worked my fanny off to make it a strength.


Back in the day, I believed most guys – especially good looking ones – were naturally good at vibing.

Not being able to vibe was something uniquely wrong with me, I thought.
So I never felt a need to discuss it with anyone. It was just something I secretly worked on in private.

The same way, I suppose, some guys secretly practice their dance moves before hitting the club.

But over time I discovered that most guys – even the male model types – couldn’t vibe with women if their life depended on it.

If fact, I realized I wasn’t unique at all. So much of my struggles were a carbon copy of what other men went through. I always find it funny when we think something is uniquely wrong with us and then discover that other people also have that problem.

Second point…

Most of the available material on rapport and connection teaches men to befriend women in the most nonsexual way.

This is not vibing. First and foremost, vibing should always contain lots of sexual tension and leave the door open to move your interaction with women in a sexual direction – be it a girlfriend, wife, one-night-stand, booty call… or whatever. (More on this later on.)

Third point…

A couple years ago I started doing a useful exercise… one that really improves your skill with women. Something more guys need to do.

Many guys spend a huge amount of time beating themselves up about what they did wrong in their interactions with women.

Instead, I started asking myself what I did right.

What I discovered was this… The one thing almost all of my success stories had in common was that I created a strong vibe with the woman.

Also, I noticed that this was prevalent in almost all of my friends success stories with women.

These three reasons – that most guys cannot vibe, that there’s no decent material on vibing available, and that it’s something almost all success stories with women have in common – really got my ass into gear to step up to the plate and teach people how to actually vibe with women.

What Was Your First Success With Natural Vibing?

You might have heard the story I’m about to tell. It’s an experience that really woke me up from my gimp slumbers and made me realize how women actually work.

Because vibing played such an important role, I’m gonna share it with you in the context of vibing.

One night I was out at a nightclub with a ladies man friend of mine.

My eyes spotted this gorgeous Swedish girl standing outside the woman’s restroom. Her boobs were butted together and partially exposed by her scantly top. The tiny piece of fabric she was donning also revealed her belly button ring and washboard abs.

But it gets better…

This hard body sported a perfect angelic face: Big round fuck-me-now green eyes, full lips, and long blond hair.

I actually mustered up the courage to ask her what her name was. She told me and then asked mine.

But before I could answer, my ladies man friend swooped in and took over.

A few minutes later, her friend walked out of the bathroom: A spitting image of her except four inches taller.

Instead of throwing me a bone, my friend likes to have his cake and eat too. The bastard took both girls for himself.

Anyway, he ended up getting their phone number.

A few months passed by.

Then my buddy called me up out of the blue and asked if I remembered the Swedish girls.

I said, “Yeah, for sure I do.”

He said, “They work as masseuses and since my back is hurting I’m hiring one of them to work on me for an hour. The girls might be down to hang out after. You wanna come with?”

I said, “Sure, why not.”

When we got to their house, my friend picked one of the girls and went off to get his massage.

Meanwhile I was stuck hanging out with the other girl. At first, it was a bit awkward. She wasn’t mean. There just wasn’t any chemistry there.

Then I started applying certain vibing techniques. And she started warming up to me. Next, I used a special vibing technique to turn the interaction sexual (one I will tell you a bit more about later in this report) and we ended up hooking up.

When my buddy’s massage was up, he decided to have the girl I just hooked up with give him a massage as well.

I was stuck hanging out with the other girl.

So what did I do? The exact same thing I did on the first one and ended up hooking up with her as well. When my friend finished with the massage, the four of us hung out for a bit. The funny part was, the girls were clueless that I’d hooked up with both of them.

After a few drinks my friend and I hugged the girls goodbye and takeoff.

Because my friend has a big mouth I restrained myself from making a peep about what happened.

But a couple days later my friend called me and said, “Those Swedish girls really hate you. They said you did something kinda shady to them.”

The next time I hung out with them, the girls were very cold towards me. But I started applying a new set of vibing techniques I had been developing.

After a little bit, I got both girls laughing, joking, and literally clawing at me. Because my friend is used to being the center of attention, he was a little annoyed to say the least.

A few months later, I brought another friend of mine over the Swede’s house. I told him that the girls are really fun and easy to hook up with. Considering that he’s a smart, good looking guy, I thought, he should have no problem hooking up with either of them.

But the girls were turned off by him.

You know why? He didn’t know how to vibe with them.

Years later, once I gained much more of a conscious awareness of these techniques, I ran into the girls again. I was able to weave a slew of very powerful vibing techniques into my interaction with them.

By the end of the night, we were all having a pillow fight on the bed of one of the girls.

With the same nonchalant ease a child scarfs down candy during Halloween, we all started kissing. First, I made out with one; then the other. Next, we shared a three way kiss. Then it turned to sex. But the whole thing was so organic. It just spontaneously happened.

I attribute this outcome to vibing. Simply, if I couldn’t vibe, this would have never happened.


Is Natural Vibing Hard To Master?

Yes – if you don’t have someone to teach you the underlying structures. It’s like a blind man trying to find a needle in a haystack.

But if you have someone to spell out the underlying structures to you, then you can master this stuff in a very short time.

Small caveat: You still need to put in the work. You aren’t gonna master this stuff through osmosis.

Will Natural Vibing Work On Women If Thousands Of Men Start Using It?

The emphasis of this course is on understanding – both on a cognitive and emotional level – the structures behind vibing. Not on regurgitating lines you learn from me.

Don’t get me wrong… The course is packed with hundreds of examples you could memorize and you’d probably get a great reaction from women.
I’m positive that’s what many guys will do. After six months or so, a lot of women will have heard the majority of examples from the course.

But if you take the time to learn the underlying structures behind vibing, you’re immune from this material becoming over exposed. While a pick up line will only work once – maybe twice – on the woman, these underlying structures work ad infinitum.

Plus, you’re gonna be a thousand times more effective if you take the time to understand these structures.

I know of a few other teachers who harp on understanding over regurgitation. God bless them.

But, alas, their motivation for saying this stems from their lack of ability to give concrete examples of what they’re talking about. They have guys thinking that attraction and vibing is this ethereal aura that one becomes.

I’m a no B.S. kinda guy. These charlatans make me gag. Creating sexual vibes with a woman is the result of manifesting specific patterns of behavior and communication.

The best way to learn these patterns is through lots of excruciatingly specific examples. That’s what I feed your brain in Natural Vibing.

Is This A Seduction Course Or Just A Course On Connecting & Vibing With Women? Does Focusing On Vibing Risk Falling Into Friends Zone? Is Vibing About Being A Nice Guy To Women?

I’m really glad people asked these questions because there’s something I’ve been wanting to get off my chest for a while.

I’ll be completely honest… What I’m about to say might turn some people off. But I’m a straight shooter and say what I feel regardless of offending one or two people.

I’ve been pretty vocal about my disdain for the majority of material out there on rapport and connecting with others… and for a good reason…
The long and short of what these guys teach men is this… At first, act gay or nonsexual with women. Then once they think you’re not a sexual threat, go in for the kill.

This is not vibing, my friend.

When I vibe with attractive women, they have no disillusionments about me. To put it bluntly, they very well know that if they keep interacting with me my penis is gonna be in their vagina.

Natural Vibing is not just a course on learning to be more social with women.

This course is about creating powerful sexual and emotional vibes.

By the time you finish listening to Natural Vibing, you’ll realize that this is one of the most – if not the most – hard core seduction courses I’ve put together.

There are two big vibing mistakes I see guys make.

One is that once they’re in an intense vibe, they stop using Prizability, sexual tension, and push-pull. This slots them into let-just-be-friends zone.

The other is that they keep using Prizability, sexual tension, and push-pull in exactly the same way they did when first meeting her. At a certain point, this begins to eat away at the vibe.

But through trial and error I’ve discovered a special way you want to use Prizability, sexual tension, and push-pull once you’ve created a powerful vibe with a woman. One I haven’t really discussed up until now.

This is explained in excruciating detail inside Natural Vibing.

As for the nice guy thing…

This makes me chuckle. Turning that switch in a woman’s mind that makes her think, “I like that guy, he’s cool,” has nothing to do with being nice or being an ass.

You’re looking in the wrong place, my man.

It has to do with using communication structures that tap into a part of her brain that compels her to identify with you. One of many I’m going to teach you is derived from a story telling technique discovered by Dr. Joseph Campbell. Using this structure compels women to identify with who you are as a person. Funny enough, most natural storytellers almost religiously but unconsciously use this structure.

But there’s a dark side to these techniques – and many naturals know this. Once you master them you can treat women poorly and they’ll still like you. That’s because you’ve tapped into structures in her limbic brain that compel her to emotionally rationalize anything nasty you do to her as being something forgivable.

I’m not a fan of mistreating women… and will be horrified if I find out guys are using this technology to hurt women. At the same time, though, I wanna highlight the power of this technology.

Is There Any Info About Getting Sexual With Girls In The Course?

Oh yes… Inside you’ll learn a special type of vibing designed to get very sexual with women you’ve just met. You’ll learn secrets to making women feel 100% comfortable letting their naughty side out with you – even if you’ve only known them for a few minutes.

What Does The Natural Vibing Course Come With?

  • 8 digitally recorded CDs: I could have spread this course over 16 or 20 CDs. But I decided to go with 8. Don’t be deceived. Each CD is packed to brim with never discussed secrets to attraction and vibing with women.

  • A workbook designed to burn these concepts and structures into your brain, giving you a deep understanding of how to use them on the fly without the need to memorize a script to spew to women.


A Few Thousand Dollars Is A Small Price To Pay To Have Your Current Life Style With Women Go On Steroids!

But even if you're willing to pay several thousand dollars for coaching, my waiting list is currently over a year and half long. So I'd probably decline. I'm just too busy .

That's the bad news. The good new is...

You still have an opportunity to crack open my brain, reach inside, and shamelessly steal all of my attraction generating secrets... and it ain' t gonna cost you a thousand dollars!

So let me ask you this: If implementing just one secret from Natural Vibing allowed you to achieve a new success - maybe, for example, having a new woman in your life you thought you could never attract - would it be worth a onetime thousand dollars?

I'm willing to bet it would be worth a lot more than a thousand dollars.

Now imagine yourself implementing just 50% of the secrets you'll learn in my attraction course. Think what might be possible. And if it did change the course of your life with women, just how much would my course be worth to you?

I have an intuition about you...

You really want more success with women and dating. Otherwise you wouldn't have read this far, right?

Reality Check: If You Don't Commit To Doing Something Right Now About Improving This Area Of Your Life, There Is A High Probability You'll Go To Your Grave Never Getting This Area Of Your Life Taken Care Of!

Most of the information in my course you won't find anywhere else. But more importantly, my course gives you a framework to start taking immediate action on accomplishing your goals with women and dating.

Now I’ve put years and years of sweat into developing the material in this course.

I know guys who simply put together stuff they came up with in a couple of days and charge thousand for their programs.

So after thinking long and hard, I’ve settled on $299.00 which I think is more than fair.

Here's My Better Than Money Back Guarantee...


I’m offering a 30 day money back guarantee. If for whatever reason you aren’t happy with the course you can send it back here and receive a full refund:

Pick Pack Logistics
14666 Titus St. #1
Van Nuys, California. 91402

Don't worry, if the mail takes too long, and I get it back 31 days later, you still won't be charged.

But wait... there's more...

Here's Something to keep in mind...

If you've read this far, you're serious about improving this area of your life. About changing your lifestyle with women. Yes?

There's a lot of guys who try to change their lifestyle with women by spending insane amounts of money on dating, purchasing ridiculously expensive houses and overpriced cars, and taking money draining trips.

This can amount to hundreds of thousands of bankrupting dollars a month.

I think you owe it to yourself to at least find out if this is the doorway into the life you want to live.


Yes! I Want To Get My Hands On A Copy Of Natural Vibing Right Now!

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