Real World Seduction Course Catalogue

Foundation Courses

If you've been out of the game for a while or are just getting into it, my Foundation courses are a great place to start.

Real World Seduction 2.0 eBook...

Inside You'll...

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Real World Seduction 2.0 audio course


Some of us learn better while listening than reading. That's why I created the audio version of Real World Seduction 2.0.

If you're an audio learner, I highly suggest getting your hands on the Real World Seduction 2.0 audio course.

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Foundations For Generating Attraction


Inside You'll Learn...


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Advanced Courses

Each of my advance courses focuses on a specific area of seduction.

If there's a specific area of seduction you want to work on or sticking point you want to get past, check out these courses.

They will turn an attraction train wreck into a good seducer and tranform a good seducer into a seduction powerhouse.

Natural Vibing

Inside you'll learn...

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Sexual Connections

Sexual Connections combines recent findings in science with field tested techniques for sexually arousing women from the moment you meet them.

Inside you'll discover...


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Masculine Polarity

Inside you learn...


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