The Secret To Attracting The Girl That's Taken...And How To Get Her To Act On That Attraction

We've all had it happen…

You're out at a bar, nightclub, or social gathering, and all of the desirable women appear to be snatched up by other men.

In a few minutes that's all going to change because you're about to learn how to ethically steal another man's girl.

What I'm going to teach you is neither mean nor manipulative – remember, I did say “ethically steal.”

But I should warn you…

The secrets you're minutes away from getting your hands on aren't intended for the novice.

They're for the guy already possessing some skill with da ladies (Even if you're a beginner, though, keep reading. You'll get a taste of what's in store for you soon).

But first, I'm going to tell you about one of history's greatest seductresses (Pay close attention. There are some subtle yet universal truths about women, attraction, and seduction contained within this story).

In 1882 the philosopher Paul Rée met a beautiful, young Russian woman, eleven years his junior, named Lou Andreas-Salome.

They bonded over discussions about God and morality, discovering that they shared almost identical views.

Here and there, she'd insinuate sexual interest. But it was so subtle, that he wasn't sure whether or not she felt attracted to him. His uncertainty grew like a cancerous tumor.

One day she asked him if he could introduce her to his good friend Fredrick Nietzsche.

When she met Nietzsche, things, for Rée, took a turn for the worse. She did a complete 180 on Rée, turning all her attention toward Nietzsche.

At a certain point Rée suspected that Nietzsche and Salome had slept together. His blood was boiling with bitterness and heart was seething with jealousy.

But then, to his surprise, she committed to living with him. She'd chosen him over Nietzsche. Rée was so excited that he was a hair away from pooping his pants.

Yet, sooner than later, other men were courting Salome.

Over the course of her life many intellectuals you can find at a Barnes & Noble near you were infatuated with her - from Sigmund Freud to Maria Rilke.

What's the big lesson from all of this?

Well, there are many. I could do a whole course just on Lou Andreas-Salome.

That's why I've chosen one lesson from Salome to yap on about in this newsletter.

All through her life there were at least two men interested in her at a time.

Coincidence? Fat chance!

She instinctually knew that having more than one male at time vie for her attention catapulted her value in the eyes of many a man.

But it ain't just Salome who knows this universal truth about human nature. Almost every woman I've ever met does.

Do women use this knowledge to whittle their husbands and boyfriends egos down to the size of an acorn by flirting with other men?

Not at all. Admittedly, it happens with some women. Yet not the majority.

But… and this is a big but…

When first getting to know a guy, many women flirt with other men to appear more valuable in his eyes.

Maybe you've seen it yourself. You're out at a bar or a night club and a woman lumbered with the perfect body has her little paws, like bees to honey, all over some guy. You can almost see the wine on his breath collecting against the side of her neck. Yet she seems to be enjoying herself.

But then… she whisks off to fondle some new guy (or maybe you), while the has-been lurks in the background with an alcoholic beverage in hand, plotting and planning to snatch her back.

Years ago, when another man's girl had the proverbial sign “I'm here for the taking” push-pinned to her low cut top or über short skirt , I was aggressive as a castrated troll, fearing and fretting that if my hands crept into her pants, a 500lb guilty conscience would loom over me for the next month… or year… or decade.

Maybe you've had similar feelings. Dunno?

But here's what I've discovered… and listen closely because this is really important…

When you spot a couple and notice the woman scanning her environment for male attention, there's about a 90% chance she's not with the guy. Odds are: they just met.

Perhaps she's bored with him. Maybe she's trying to get another guy's attention to make him jealous.

Regardless of her reasons, if she strikes a chord deep within your groan, go in for the kill. Stick your fangs into her jugular. Take the seduction at full gallop. Have no qualms about it... because…

If she isn't his girlfriend or wife, then she's fair game. She's not his property. She has no obligation to him.

Flirting With Her Is The Moral Equivalent Of Murdering A Barbie Doll Or Killing A Vacuum Cleaner.

What if she is his wife or girlfriend? Or what if he growls, “Get your hands off my woman!”?

Here's how to be 99% certain, just in case…

Say to her, “Your boyfriend looks a little uncomfortable. I wouldn't want to ruin the magic between you two. I'm sure you're looking forward to growing old with him.”

If she isn't with him, she'll almost inevitably respond with: “Yuck… gross… he's not my boyfriend.”

In a second I'm gonna share with you how to flirt with a woman who is trying to make a man feel jealous.

But first, here's an ethical warning:

Do not use these secrets to snake a friend out of woman he's successfully flirting with – especially if he likes her.

Don't use these techniques to steal women from guys in healthy marriages or relationships.

Will it work?

If you've got the skill, probably yes. But it'll cause a lot of pain and misery. So don't do it.

Okay, here's how to ethically steal another man's girl…

Generate attraction similar to how you would with any other woman but make one exception… get physical with her ASAP.

As a rule of thumb, it's always a plus to become physically intimate with a woman as soon as possible because it contextualizes your relationship with her as not only friends but also lovers.

However… unless you've got a great deal of skill, it may be challenging to kiss a woman, for example, within the first few minutes of meeting her.

The exception is when the woman is trying to increase her worth and desirability in the eyes of another man… because…

In her mind, kissing you, for example, doesn't commit her to liking you. She can justify it as a ploy to make the other guy jealous.

Earlier I warned you that the info contained within this letter is for guys already possessing some skill with women. Why? Because…

If you don't have the skill to trigger attraction inside a woman intending to make another man jealous, here's what will probably happen…

She'll flirt with you, maybe even kiss you… but then she'll return to the guy or move onto another.

However, if you have the skill set for consistently generating attraction inside women, you can ethically steel other men's women all day and night long.

“But Swinggcat… all the attraction skills in the world aren't gonna help if I'm not her type. What if she finds me less sexy than the stench of ass and foot combined?” you might be worrying?

A woman, if you're lucky, might feel the yen to jump your bones only because she digs your appearance.

But physical appearance is not necessary.

Even if she finds you less appealing than a baboon's behind, you can still proactively generate attraction inside her.

Triggering Attraction In Women Is A Skill, I Believe, Anyone Can Master!

That's why I've taken the time to break the whole process of attraction down to a science.

If I'd known years ago what I know now, I would have gotten where I wanted to be in a fraction of the time.

The good news for you is that I've put all of the secrets I've discovered from countless hours of trial and error into an audio course.

You'll get a complete education on attracting women where many men just like you have been successfully mastering the exact steps to consistently approach, engage, attract, and become intimate with the women they desire.

I'm so confident that you're going to absolutely love my course that I'm gonna let you test drive it free of charge.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Push your comfort zone this very moment and start succeeding with the women you want by getting your hands on a copy of my course. You'll be glad you did.

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