4 Simple Words To Building Sexual Tension

Note: Further down in the article you’ll learn four simple words that build insane amounts of sexual tension in women regardless of your looks, height, age, or bank account.

But before I share these words with you, I want to give you the background knowledge to understand why these words build sexual tension. Without this, these four words will fall flat.  

The other night a buddy and I were out at a local restaurant waiting for our table. The guy who put his name in after us was a monument to masculine good looks.

We had been waiting no more than three minutes when his girlfriend, a large-and in-charge warpig, sagged her jowls and furrowed her brow at him.

He flinched and groveled, “I’m so sorry… I I I… I will tell them to hurry up.”

She scowled and whined, “Jesus… I’m starving. You’re so fucking rude to make me wait like this.”

“Most women would kill to spend an evening with this guy. Why is he taking Miss Jabba the Hut’s crap like a big passive bottom?” my friend inquired.

Good question.

Clue # 1: Take a trip to a local bar and notice all the less than stellar looking guys standing around talking to nobody. But most if not all of the hideous creatures sporting a pair of lady lumps have at least one guy engaging them.

Clue number # 2: Most guys pounce at any sign a woman gives that she’s interested – even if she’s not their type.

They are like an average Joe at the car dealership. He sees a Ferrari and wants it.

But the used car salesman explains, “Sorry, ma man… That’s out of your price range. However, we have a baby blue and good as new 1974 Pinto station wagon with a complimentary fuzzy die and a mint-chip air freshener. It’s got your name written all over it.”

Although chagrined for a second, he gets excited about the Pinto station wagon. The dealer warns, “The car’s a real gem, kido. But if you don’t act now, someone else will.” So he buys the car.

Clue # 3:“Every heterosexual male in the Milky Way would sleep with me if he had the opportunity,” is a belief lodged into most attractive women’s egos. Should women be condemned for roaming the earth with an aura of sexual hubris?

No. It’s not their fault. By default our culture assigns men the role of the chaser and women the role of chooser (Prize).

That’s why you see more fugly girls with good looking guys than the other way around.

Our culture abounds with practices that reinforce this:

1) Decreed by convention, the man asks the woman to dance. Females can either accept or decline the offer. 

2) Society expects the man to ask the woman out on a date, not the other way around. The ball is in the woman’s court to go out with him or not.

3). According to tradition, the man asks for the woman’s hand in marriage. She can say either “yes” or “no.” 

If you don’t reverse these roles, it’s probably game over for you. First and foremost, if you’re aren’t a woman’s physical type and she’s playing the role of chooser, she’ll eliminate you as a potential mate on the spot.

Moreover, when a man takes on the role of the chaser with a woman, it makes it a hair shy of impossible to generate attraction in her.

He must invert the roles. He must turn her into the chaser and himself into the chooser.

How in the world do you do this?

Good question.

The answer lies in disqualifying her before she has a chance to choose or reject you.

The power behind this is twofold:

First, it prevents you from playing the role of chaser and her from playing the role of chooser.

Second, it compels women to chase you.

In the movie Mean Girls Lindsay Lohan says some of the wisest words about human psychology I’ve ever heard: Just because you hate someone doesn’t mean you don’t want them to like you.

Even if a woman finds you butt ugly, she still wants you to like her. When you disqualify her, you take this away from her.

In an attempt to get you to like her, she’ll take on the role of chaser and start feeling sexual tension throughout her body. In plain English, even though she wasn’t attracted to you from the get go, she is now.

Four Simple Words That Build Sexual Tension In Women…

After talking to a woman for a few minutes, say to her: I HATE you.

It’s important that you lean on the word “hate.”

A little confused and upset, she’ll ask, “why?”

Next, say, “Because you remind me of this girl Miranda from the 3rd grade… and I hated her… because she used to always beat me at hot hands.”

Then challenge her to a game of Hot Hands and cheat to ensure that you win. Maybe say, “Oh my Gawd… look at what that girl over there is wearing… she’s a complete train wreck.”

When she looks, slap her hands and declare yourself the winner.

Then hug her and say, “I love you now.”

Next, push her away and say, “Because you suck at hot hands.”

This has a tension loop structure.

1). Tension is sparked.

2). Tension is increased

3). Tension is released.

4). Tension is sparked all over again.

Good movies have this structure…

The movie begins by introducing conflict or drama, sparking unresolved emotional tension inside the viewer.

Emotional tension increases up until the point of the climax.
The tension, then, is released by bringing some resolution to the conflict or drama.

And, finally, the movie ends by sparking that tension all over again, compelling you to see the sequel.

On another note: I’m not a terrible looking guy. But my looks don’t get me much mileage with women.  I still remember the dark ages before I knew how to spark sexual tension in them....

I remember attractive women giddy with a belly full of butterflies for my taller and better looking friends. As soon as I tried to flirt with them, those butterflies were gone. This took a crippling toll on my self-esteem.  

But after years of experimentation I’ve come up with a full-proof method for bypassing a woman’s critical factor and building raw sexual arousal inside her body without needing to have all the things we are taught women want: Looks, height, youth, money… and so on.

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