Who Else Wants The Power To Bypass A Woman's Critical Factor, Tap Into Primitive Parts Of Her Brain That Generate Raw Sexual Arousal, And Quickly Create The Right Neurological Structures That Compel Her To Act On The Arousal In Exactly The Direction You Choose?

If Your Interest Is Piqued Even A Smidgen…Then You Can’t Afford NOT To Read Every Word Of This Letter Right Now… Because It Is Questionable How Much Longer This Information Will Be Available…


From: Swinggcat
Author of "Real World Seduction"

Dear friend,

Imagine a drop dead gorgeous babe shooting down man after man, crippling each one's ego in her wake.

What would it feel like to walk up to her and quickly fry her critical factor to cinders, pump her groin full of lust... and compel her to take action in the direction you choose - be it sleeping with you right then and there, starting a relationship on your terms, or what ever your heart desires?

Let's up the ante...

What if you could do all of that without...

  • Looks?
  • Buying her fancy dinners or jewelry?
  • Being a rock star or celebrity?
  • Groveling, ass kissing, or deluging her with compliments?
  • Acting like an ass hole or a jerk?
  • Putting in much effort of your part?
  • Having to manipulate her?

What would that be like? Would going through life be a little better? Bet it would.

Not only is it possible... it's something You, my friend, can realistically achieve.

But there's a very big problem...

99.7% Of Men NEVER Will Experience This Type Of Success With Women... And There's A High Probability You Won't Experience This Kind Of Success Either.

And it's probably not your fault. Stop being so hard on yourself.

Most men get an A+ for putting in a valiant effort with women. Nonetheless, they slump through life getting mediocre results at best.

You see, my friend...

Because Of Our Culture Most Of Us Are Mired In A Matrix That Prevents Us From Possessing The Understandings & Tools For Quickly & Effectively Making Women Tick.

Until you escape this matrix, your results in the single scene trenches will be laugh-out-loud pathetic compared to what's possible.

Most men - whether they know it or not - will go to their graves being victims to this cultural matrix.

Reading this letter is the fast-track to STOP being a victim and to START going through life as a doer who gets the results with women he wants.

Before I go on, I need to get something off my chest...

A while back, I released a limited number of the Sexual Connections audio courses... and then I removed Sexual Connections from the market.

Here's why...

The material inside is very very powerful...

It stimulates primitive parts of a woman's brain and, consequently, overrides the rational part of her brain.

I whole heartedly believe that love, seduction, and attraction are irrational and emotional processes that work best when the rational part of our brain is removed from the equation.

But possessing the power to shut down a woman's ability to make rational decisions, carries a hefty moral responsibility.

As Spiderman says, "With great power comes great responsibility."

On the one hand...

I believe in my heart of hearts that most guys reading this letter are good guys.

On the other...

I worry that there's a couple bad apples who will use Sexual Sexual Connections to hurt, manipulate, and take advantage of women - especially after receiving this email...

This makes me sick to my stomach and feel partially responsible for what this idiot did to this woman. I'm hemming and hawing over whether to keep this information available. And if I find out guys are misusing Sexual Connections, I will pull it from the market. Because of this I want you to honestly answer the following questions...

Do you...

  • Hate women?
  • Want to cause girls harm?
  • View women as brainless pieces of flesh to be exploited?
  • Feel anger or bitterness towards females?

If you answered YES to any of these questions please leave this page right now. I adamantly do not want this technology getting into the hands of someone who is going to cause harm to women - it's just too powerful.

And if I do find out that you used this technology to hurt women I will do everything in my power to hunt you down and make you very sorry that you did something so stupid.

If you've got issues with women, work them out, and then we'll talk about you getting a copy of Sexual Connections.

Before I jump into the nitty-gritty, a little ‘bout myself….

I’ve been hammering away at this stuff for a long ass time. In ’99 my love life fell to pieces. I was about as seductive as Mr. Rogers.

Fed Up & In Desperate Need Of Getting My Mojo Back, I Set Out On A Serious Study Of Seduction.

By 2001 I earned my stripes. I proved myself in front of some of the heavy weights in the seduction industry. By the end of that year, a famous seduction guru touted my skills as the best in the business.

One popular web site rated me as one of the top three Pick Up Artists in the world and this past year they rated me as the best of the best (It’s funny because I have never really considered myself a Pick Up Artist. Don’t get me wrong… I am well versed in the Pick Up arts… but I’ve always considered my skill set with women to be a lot broader than just the "Pick Up").

For years people have begged and plead for me to speak at their seminars… though I’ve been very selective about the ones I attend.

But I’ve gotta come clean and be completely honest with you…

This kinda attention can go to a man’s head. And a few years back I was one cocky bastard. I thought there was nothing more I could learn about seduction.

But then a student of mine changed all that…

He was really struggling with women.

I laid out a slew of confidence exercises and a game plan for him to get more practice with women. But he rolled his eyes at me.

Reason being...

The Poor Guy Had Paid Other Dating Coaches Buckets Of Cash To Hear: “If You’re Confident & You Practice, You’ll Be A Rock Star With Women.”

But practice and confidence exercises helped little. He approached close to five hundred women over a single summer and all he had to show for it was a shrunken ego.

“There’s nothing worse than getting all pumped up about meeting women and then experiencing girl after girl shoot you down!” he exclaimed.

This guy was a real downer to listen to. And usually I shunt negative people out of my reality.

But for some reason – and I can’t explain why – I felt an urge to prove this guy wrong. I wanted to teach him something so powerful that it rendered the old saying “getting lucky” meaningless.

After months of academic research and experimentation on real women in the real world...

I Stumbled Onto Unknown Ways To Bypass A Woman’s Critical Factor, Tap Into Primitive Parts Of Her Brain That Generate Raw Sexual Arousal, & Quickly Create The Right Neurological Structures That Compel Her To Act On That Arousal.

Admittedly, I have been studying seduction for years. I’ve been with many girls.

“Would this new technology help my hapless student?” I wondered.

"It worked for me... but would it work for a guy having zero experience with women?" I worried.

Anxious to find out, I revealed this new method for attracting women to him. Skeptical yet excited he went out to apply what I’d taught him. And guess what?

He failed miserably. In fact, he endured a bottomless pit of failure.

But then...

A week after having his ego pounded on like a gong something strange happened...

Night one of that week he made out with three girls.

Sounds like a fluke, right?

But things got even stranger...

Over the course of the next five weeks he slept with 6 women - that’s a little over a girl a week. Yes, I know... that seems like a truckload of success for a guy who had none. But he was going out four to five times a week.

In a minute I’m going to give you a sneak peek into what I taught him, but first…

Have you ever...

  • Been verbally pummeled by a woman with the words, "I feel no attraction for you" or "You aren't my type"?
  • Had a girl think you were gay?
  • Been accused of being a player?
  • Wanted to kiss a woman but had a gut feeling that she'd reject you because she felt about as much attraction for you as she feels for her little brother.
  • Had a girl choose another guy over you?
  • Watched the sexual fire in your relationship with a woman turn to ashes?
  • Had a woman tell you that you were cute but untrustworthy?
  • Felt that you couldn’t spark a connection with a woman?
  • Had a girl flake on you?
  • Felt that women were in control of the direction your interactions with them went?
  • Had a great conversation with a woman but suspected your relationship with her was veering towards Platonic even though you wanted to sleep with her?
  • Made a laugh-out-loud pathetic attempt at asking a girl out on a date

Do you want the power to...

  • Bypass a woman’s critical factor?
  • Squelch any cancerous thoughts swimming in her brain about your age, looks, wealth, or social status?
  • Tap into primitive parts of a woman’s brain that generate colossal amounts of raw sexual arousal?
  • Activate neurological structures that compel her to act on the arousal inside her body?
  • The ability to quickly and effectively make yourself appear valuable in a woman’s eyes?
  • Effortlessly make women feel comfortable getting sexual with you?
  • Hit compliance triggers that are hard wired into a woman’s brain and unconsciously drive her to cater to your every sexual whim?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions… then there’s no doubt in my mind that what I am going to reveal to you will transform your success with women…

Why Knowing These Biological Facts About the Human Brain Are Absolutely Imperative For Succeeding With Women...

First off… there are three main systems, for the purposes of attraction, we are going to focus on: the reptilian, mammalian (or limbic), and neo cortex.

Here’s a cool little diagram to give you a visual of what I am talking about…

The neo cortex is what’s often considered the part of our brain that makes us human. It’s responsible for abstract thought and rational judgments about the world.

Many folks think of the neo cortex as a homunculus – a little man – who lives inside our skull and steers our perceptions and determines our actions. In other words, they believe conscious rationality determines the lion’s share of our perceptions and actions.

Let’s say, for example, that a woman ends up meeting a guy and sleeping with him a few days later.

After the fact, she might introspect: The reason I slept with this guy is that I just got out of a painful relationship and was hoping the experience would ease the pain. Plus, he has all the qualities I look for in a man – he’s tall, dark, handsome, rich and educated.

While her explanation may be true, it only represents a pinhole of the big picture.

She isn’t aware of the unconscious processes at work that compelled her to feel attraction for him and drove her to act on that attraction. She doesn’t know about the neuronal drives that she has no control over.

The limbic brain is couched inside the skull of every mammal on planet earth. It is the power station for our emotions. Without it we wouldn't’t experience a bond or feel a connection with people. It’s responsible for complex emotions like: jealousy, envy, love... and so on.

Why are women drawn to men who use Push-Pull – i.e., men who emotionally push them away and then pull them back in? Why are women captivated by a man who oscillates between giving and taking away attention or validation? There’s no logical explanation for it. Know why? Because these drives don’t reside in a woman’s neo cortex. Instead they live in her limbic system.

The reptilian brain is the oldest and most primitive brain in our skull. It’s responsible for arousal, orgasm, and primitive instincts such as: fight-or-flight, marking territory, and dominance over others. The most ominous part about the reptilian brain is that it is autonomic (or involuntary).

In fact...

There Have Been Documented Cases Of Women Becoming Aroused Or Orgasmic While Being Raped.

Though their bodies were turned on, their limbic systems and neo cortexes felt contempt for their perpetrators. Afterwards, they went into therapy because they felt their bodies had betrayed them.

Based On What We Just Learned About What’s Between Our Ears, I Want To Paint A Picture Of Attraction Different From Probably Anything You’ve Heard Before...

Raw sexual arousal is created by stimulating the reptilian and limbic systems (Later on… you’ll discover all of the backdoor secrets to quickly building arousal inside women.)

But specific neurological structures in a woman’s brain will either process the arousal or stop it dead in its tracks. These are what I call “brain filters.”

Similar to how a water dam either blocks or allows water to flow through, brain filters either close up and block arousal or open up and allow it to flow through the body. When they’re opened up, they emotionally and rationally justify the arousal in her body.

Two specific filters need to simultaneously be open for a woman to process and act on the arousal you’ve generated in her body....

One is Prizability. If you’ve got enough value in a woman’s eyes that if you walked away or didn’t validate her, she’d take it as a loss, then you’ve opened up the Prizability filter.

Let’s look at an example. Imagine being at swanky nightclub. You’re donning the garbs of a garbage man. You dart up to a gold digger and engage her in some effective banter.

Regardless of your drab clothing, she’s feeling sexual tension. You’ve triggered arousal inside her body (Remember: arousal is an involuntary response to specific stimuli).

But because she thinks you’re a garbage man, her Prizability filter is closed and stops the arousal dead in its tracks.

But, hypothetically, if she discovered you were a Harvard graduate and worth an estimated 10 million dollars from a company you started a year ago, she’d see you in a completely different light. The Prizability filter would open up, allowing the arousal to flow through her body.

Warning: you neither need to go to Harvard nor start a 10 million dollar company to open up her Prizability filter. In a few minutes you’ll learn how to open up a woman’s Prizability filter without needing a smidgen of external value.

The second is the Comfort filter. This is different from the comfort a woman feels for her parents, her pets, or her guy friends who sit around staring at her breasts as she whines on about her latest “boy problems.”

Instead, opening up the Comfort filter is about making her feel comfortable getting sexual with you. Sparking a connection or a rapport with a woman are just a few of the many ways you can open up the Comfort filter.

When sexual arousal is present and the Prizability and Comfort filters are open, the arousal gets exponentially magnified and the woman feels compelled to act on the arousal.


Here’s A Sneak Peek At What You'll Learn Inside The Sexual Connections Audio Course….

How To Suck Almost Any Woman Into Your Reality And Lower Her Critical Factor By 97%...

I wanna throw out a lurid fact: 70 to 80 percent of the time women are mentally detached when interacting with men.

Sometimes it's visible: their arms are crossed and they are leaning back. Or worse, they are looking around for someone more interesting to talk to.

Other times, their detachment slips right under the radar. They're flirting and joking around but inside they're mentally removed from the situation.

You might be thinking: “Who cares… big deal!”

Well, here’s the problem, my friend…

Allowing A Woman To Mentally Withdraw From Her Interaction With You Puts Her Critical Factor Into Hyper drive

Put simply… you’re opening yourself up to be judged in negative ways. If a woman’s disassociated and her type is six foot four inch muscle bound jocks lumbered with Ron Jeremy sized schlongs and a bank account big enough to make Warren Buffett blush and you don’t fit the bill, you’re in deep doo doo.

Even if you trigger heaps of raw sexual arousal, her neurological structures inside her neo cortex are going to stop the arousal dead in its tracks.

If you attempt to open her Prizability or Comfort filters without pulling her into the moment, she’s going to construe your behavior as needy and desperate or think you are trying to manipulate her… compelling her to avoid you like the plague.

That’s why it is absolutely crucial for you to learn how to suck women into the moment and keep her there. My name for this is “reality sucking.”

When you reality suck a woman her critical factory turns to putty, giving you an opportunity to successfully generate raw sexual arousal inside her body and open up her Prizability and Comfort filters to process that arousal.

Inside Sexual Connections You'll Get A PHD Education On Developing Four Powerful Tools For Reality Sucking: Voice, Pattern Interrupts, Apposition Of Opposites, & Emotionally Inciting Women To Invest Effort Into Their Interactions With You.

A few words about developing a reality sucking voice...

Ever hear the expression: "It's not what you say but how you say it that matters"?

Well, that old expression couldn't apply more to reality sucking.

While our neo cortex focuses on the content of what people say, the primitive parts focus on how people say things.

You could say all the right things, but if your voice doesn't engage her reptilian and limbic systems, her critical factor is gonna rear its ugly head.

She's going to disassociate from her interaction with you and critically - and probably negatively - judge everything you do and say (It's not her fault, though. It is part of her biological programming.)

On the other hand...

If you develop a voice that stimulates the primitive parts of her brain, you'll suck her into the moment and shut down her critical factor.

Put simply...

You'll Have An Opportunity To Turn The Interaction Hyper Sexual Without Her Feeling A Smidgen Of Worry.

Worried that your voice doesn't have the bass of Barry White? Don't even have an eighth of the bass Barry White has? Neither do I. And it doesn't matter.

You don't have to give your voice a complete makeover to effectively suck women into the present moment.

Instead... the key to a reality sucking voice is making subtle changes to it.

Inside my course you'll discover how to develop a voice that sucks women into your reality... and this will work even if you currently sound like a witch.

Here’s A Sliver Of What You'll Discover About Developing A Reality-Sucking Voice….

  • How to use your voice to shut down the part of a woman’s brain that makes negative judgments about you.

  • How to bring a woman into the moment by controlling the energy of your voice (this trick is so powerful yet so simple.)
  • Secrets to developing a pitch that’s sexually appealing and entrancing to women (and these secrets will work even if your voice resembles nails against a chalkboard).

  • Secrets for projecting your voice in loud places without the need to scream (If you’re in a bar, for example, and women can’t clearly hear you, it is going to be next to impossible to suck them into the moment.)

  • How to develop rhythm to your speaking patterns that quickly enthrall women.

  • A simple breathing mistake most guys make that give them a weak voice… and causes women to disassociate (If you make this mistake, you’re botching your interactions with women.)

  • A simple breathing technique that changes your voice and exponentially increase your ability to pull women into your reality.

  • Four ways to change the position of your mouth to attain a tonal quality that forces women to hold onto your every word.

  • A simple voice secret that inevitably builds rapport, sparks connections, and opens up the perceptual filter of comfort.
  • Five exercises for developing a lower more resonant voice.

“What Might Be Possible If You Could Suck A Woman Into Your Reality With The Sound Of Your Voice?”

A few words about pattern interrupts...

Have you ever had any of these things happen to you?

  • You says something that upsets a woman and feel that there's nothing you can do to change her mood.
  • A woman starts yapping on about an ex lover while you're stuck staring at her, pretending to be interested but bored to tears.
  • You get trapped by a chatty Cathy who won't let you get a word in edgewise.
  • Somehow the conversation with a woman starts to stray down a path that sends any chance of intimacy with her straight to the electric chair.
  • Tried to engage a woman in conversation but she acted more aloof than Paris Hilton.

Of course you've experienced situations similar to this. You're a guy. We all have. And it just plain sucks!

The lurid reality is...

If a woman is in a bad mood, taking the conversation in a direction other than your intended outcome with her, or detached and unwilling to let you engage her... then your chances of getting any nooky are teetering on zero... unless you do something about it.

The best way to handle situations like these is to use what I call a "pattern interrupts."

Have you ever been thinking about something but then the phone rang and you couldn't remember what you were thinking about? Well that's a pattern interrupt.

Pattern Interrupts Erase The Negative Thoughts A Woman Is Having & Squelch The Crippling Emotions She's Feeling.


Here’s A Small Taste Of What You’ll Learn About Pattern Interrupts...

  • How to momentarily shut down the part of a woman’s brain that makes negative judgments about you

  • How to intercept a negative emotion a woman is feeling and erase it from her mind (Imagine a woman being upset with you and using a simple line that makes her forget that she was upset with you.)

  • Five almost unknown tactics for making a disassociated woman lose her train of thought and become fully entranced by you (These tools will also obliterate any negative emotions a woman is feeling or having toward you.)
  • The secret to quickly interrupt a woman who's taking the conversation in the wrong direction... and how to do it in a way that goes completely under the radar. (The next time you get stuck on a date with a chatty kathy who yaps on and on about how big her ex boyfriends penis is, you'll possess the tools to interrupt her train of thought and change the subject to something more useful. You won't have to worry about her getting upset because she'll have no conscious awareness of what you did.)
  • Five fall-on-the-floor laughing examples of incorporating humor into your pattern interrupts.
“Imagine Being Able To Annihilate Anything Negative A Woman Is Saying, Thinking, Or Feeling Without Her Caring Or Knowing What You're Up To”

A few words about Apposition of Opposites...

Most of us were taught in school that if we want people to listen to us and take us seriously, our communication needs to be clear and logical.

Ironically... many of history's most entrancing men - from Socrates to Napoleon to Oscar Wild to John F. Kennedy... and so on - were walking, talking paradoxes.

Hypnotists intentionally create contradictions in their communication to put people into trance.

The fact is... the human mind is riveted by paradoxes and contradictions.

I exploit this human truth by using a technology called "Apposition of Opposites." In plain English, Apposition of Opposites is presenting a woman's mind with two things that normally don't go together.

This overloads her neo cortex with contradictory information and causes it to shut down. As a result, her limbic and reptilian brain get sucked into the present moment fully associated with what you are saying and doing.

Here’s A Tease Of What You'll Discover About Apposition Of Opposites Inside Sexual Connections...

  • How to use Apposition of Opposites to shut down a woman's critical factor (Learn to circumvent this part of a woman, and you’ve got VIP access to her vagina.)

  • How to use apposition of opposites to suck a woman into the moment. (Imagine using Apposition of Opposites on a woman who won't give you the time of day. One moment she's bored and uninterested; the next, she's riveted by every word flowing from your lips.)

  • How to develop contradictions in your personality, character, and style to pull women into the moment (What would it be like to take something you perceive as a flaw and mutate into an asset women can't get enough of?)

  • How NOT being “conventionally” good looking can give you an edge when it comes to sucking women into your reality.
  • Hilarious step-by-step examples for using Apposition of Opposites to interrupt a woman's pattern and quickly bring her into your world.


A few words about goading women into investing effort into their interactions with you...

I know many charming and funny guys who can hold just about any woman's attention. But as soon as they stop entertaining a woman, she looks bored and disinterested. Usually she responds with something like, "Do you have any more stories or jokes?"

How do I know this. I used to be one of those guys. I was what women call a "dancing monkey." The naive men thought I was a rock star with women because I could have groups of females hanging onto my every word.

Little did they know, my value in many a woman's eyes was only as deep as the entertainment I provided. As soon as I stopped talking, the women moved onto something more entertaining.

What I learned over time is that if a woman doesn't invest any effort into her interaction with you yet you keep trying to entertain her... you'll have little value in her eyes.

Instead of bringing her into your reality, you'll be stepping into hers. She'll see herself as a queen and you as her court jester.

Being charming and funny is great... but it's not until you make her a proactive participant that she truly steps into your world.

That's why Sexual Connections spoon feeds dozens of techniques for compelling her to become a become a proactive participant in your interactions with them.


Here’s Just A Smidgen Of What You'll Learn About Emotionally Driving Women To Investing Effort Into Their Interactions With You...

  • Two fun games that turn women into active participants and goad them into proving how smart they are to you.
  • An easy trick for spurring a woman into trying to engage you (Imagine reversing the cards. With a few short words, she'll be the one trying to engage you.
  • A secret to making a woman prove to you why you should keep talking to her.
  • A body language trick high profile people use that incites women to engage you.
  • Advanced qualifying and Push-Pull that emotionally drives a woman to investing effort into her interacting with you... locking her into your reality.
  • How to make a woman change her body language for you and why this locks her into the interaction with you.
  • Sexual Frames & Compliance Triggers (Later on I will tell you more about sexual frames and compliance triggers and how - amongst doing many things - they can quickly lock a woman into an interaction with you.)


“Imagine Holding A Woman's In The Moment As Long As Your Heart Desires, Giving You Ample Time To Quickly And Easily Build Arousal & Compel Her To Act On That Arousal With No Resistance On Her Part."


Unknown Secrets For Tapping Into Primitive Parts Of A Woman’s Brain That Build Colossal Amounts of Raw Sexual Arousal Inside Her…

Just like gasoline keeps an engine running and wood keeps a fire going, arousal keeps the seduction alive.

Unfortunately... most men will go to their grave NEVER knowing how to trigger sexual arousal inside women.

And we can blame it on the culture we live in. Most of us are taught that you are only going to arouse a woman if you happen to be her physical type.

Us guys, fall right into this frame of mind because we are visually stimulated.

Who puts the jumbo in your mojo? A hot a babe or a woman the size of a mini-mart with tree trunk legs? The hot babe, of course. That's because in men visual stimuli is the primary modality for arousal.

But women are wired differently - go figure...

Though an ascetically pleasing guy might trigger arousal in a woman, it’s not the only way –and certainly not the most powerful way – to build raw sexual arousal inside her.

I’ve done a lot academic research into figuring out how to stimulate primitive parts of a woman’s neurology that build massive amounts of arousal in her body.

What I Discovered Were Secrets Few Men Know… And Even Fewer Men Will Ever Have The Pleasure Of Exploiting!


Here’s A Sneak Peek Of What You’ll Discover About Tapping Into The Primitive Parts Of A Woman’s Brain That Generate Colossal Amounts Of Sexual Arousal Regardless Of What You Look Like…

  • A secret almost no men know about being a woman’s physical type (After knowing this secret, if a woman ever says, “You’re not my type,” you’ll laugh in her face.)

  • The secret to how jerks attract women by stimulating a part of the brain nice guys don’t (and the down low on exploiting it without being a jerk).

  • Secrets to making the rational part of a woman an obedient slave to the arousal you generate inside her body.

  • Almost unknown tactics for triggering raw sexual arousal inside women (and these are techniques 99% of other dating coaches are oblivious to).

  • Do you know why when some women meet their ideal man (their “type”), they feel no attraction for him? (After listening to Sexual Connections you will know exactly why and how to avoid women slotting you as that guy).

  • An almost unknown truth about looks that will annihilate any insecurities you might have about your physical appearance.

  • How to create arousal and emotions inside a woman’s body so powerful that she’ll develop new beliefs and values to be congruent with these feelings.

  • Do you know how often women get aroused a day? (The number will shock you.)

  • How to use your own unique body type to trigger arousal in women (Being tall and being short both have their advantages and disadvantages to trigger arousal… you’ll discover what they are inside).

  • Why knowing how to use your body is a 1000 times more effective for triggering sexual arousal than being physically good looking (and I’m not going to leave you hanging – inside you’ll get a full blown education on using your body to build raw sexual arousal inside women).

  • The four sexual needs all women have… and secrets for exacerbating them to build colossal amounts of raw sexual arousal inside their bodies.

  • A sexual need all women possess yet few have ever met a guy who even came close to filling it. (Learn to fill this need in a woman and she will be loyal as a puppy.)

  • A sexual need that motivates groupies to sleep with rock stars (Learn to exploit it, and you can have your pick of the litter)

  • Why reversing the gender roles with a woman can build insane amounts of arousal inside her… and the secret to exploiting it.

  • The five primitive emotions I discovered from a rare, Danish book that when evoked build insane amounts of raw sexual arousal inside women.

  • Discover the dark, masochistic side to every woman… and a slew of ways to exploit it.

  • Two parables from antiquity for triggering sexual tension in women (understand the parables and generating sexual tension inside a woman’s body will be a cinch).

  • Real female confessions that reveal the masochistic side of women… and a roadmap to exploit it.

  • How to build arousal through creating voids inside women

  • How to build arousal through creating an obstacle from the thing they desire.

  • How to turn a woman’s inherent need for validation into raw sexual arousal.

  • The difference between making a woman feel uneasy and making her feel uncomfortable (If you don’t know the difference you are severely limiting your success with women.)

  • Why the men women sleep with ASAP make them feel uneasy yet comfortable… and how to exploit this dirty little secret.

  • Step-by-step secrets for using your eyes to stimulate involuntary parts of a woman’s brain and generate massive amounts of raw sexual arousal inside her (What would it be like to look over at a woman from across the room and have her groin filled to the brim with lust for you?)

  • How to use your eyes to hit two primitive emotions inside women and fill three of their sexual needs. (Imagine having an innocent conversation with a woman, yet triggering raw sexual arousal in her by just using your eyes.)

  • How to use spatial proximity between you and a woman to build sexual tension and pump her body full sexual arousal.

  • Why not touching a woman until she’s touched you builds arousal in her body.

  • How to get a woman to touch you before you touch her.

  • Step-by-step demonstrations of using only your body to build raw arousal inside women from one the best – if not the best – movies ever made on seduction (A movie like this would never be made in the U.S. because some of the scenes are too controversial).

  • A word-for-word, step-by step example of using spatial proximity to build sexual arousal inside a woman – this example is so powerful that in addition to building sexual arousal, it pries a woman’s comfort and Prizability filters wide open and smacks her brain silly with a slew of compliance triggers (quite frankly, just this is worth the price of the course).

  • How to quickly squelch a woman’s defensive body language and simultaneously build arousal in her.

  • How to develop two different tonalities that build passive sexual tension inside women – and one of them evokes a very powerful primitive emotion (Imagine a woman becoming aroused just from hearing the sound of your voice).

  • Active Sexual tension: a form of arousal that compels women to act in certain ways to resolve the tension you’ve sparked inside them… and stimulates their reptilian and limbic systems.

  • A word-for-word example of a guy using active sexual tension and push-pull to literally make a woman sexually addicted to him

  • Why being a woman’s type can actually stop arousal dead in its tracks and botch the attraction process.

  • Discover a romance narrative that’s programmed into women brains when they were little girls that can murder your chances of success with her… and the secret key to destroying this narrative dead in its tracks.

  • Learn the threshold when sexual arousal is so intense it cracks a woman’s brain filters… and she turns to putty

  • Case studies of rape victims that reveal some very interesting truths about sparking arousal in women (and if you think I am suggesting that you rape women, bitch slap yourself for me).


Imagine Possessing The Power To Effortlessly Tap Into The Primitive Parts Of A Woman’s Brain That Generate Colossal Amounts Of Raw Sexual Arousal Without Her Being Consciously Aware Of What You’re Doing.

Secrets For Prying Open A Woman’s Brain Filters…

Have you ever had a woman…

  • Call you a player?
  • Get buyers remorse after you kissed her?

  • Flirt with you and then avoid you like the plague

There’s a good chance you triggered arousal in her… but you didn't take the time to open her brain filters to process, magnify and compel her to act on the arousal in her body.

As I mentioned earlier… all the sexual arousal in the world is rendered useless if you don’t pry open the brain filters Comfort and Prizability.

Sexual Connections focuses on opening up these filters through Sexual Frames. When you read about Sexual Frames, you'll understand why this is.

But I still spend a generous amount of time talking about how to open up these filters without Sexual Frames.

A few words about Prizability...

A woman’s Prizability filter doesn't’t open up until you’ve got enough value in her eyes that if you walked away or did’t validate her, she’d take it as a loss.

You could go out and get a Ferrari, plastic surgery, and drum of cocaine.

And there's no denying it...

On certain class of women, the will open their Prizability filter.

But you don't have to get any of these things open a woman's Prizability filter.

Inside Sexual Connection you'll discover how to open up a woman's Prizability filter with only the words coming out of your mouth and your body language.



Here Are Just A Few Of The Tools For Opening A Woman's Prizability Filter...

  • Step-by-step examples of creating love triangles to open up a woman’s Prizability filter

  • The five different types of Prizability.

  • How to use other people to up your Prizability in the eyes of a woman.

  • How to create specific types of connections between you and woman that increases your Prizability with her.

  • How exacerbating a woman’s primitive need for validation can open up her Prizability filter.

  • Five different ways to pry open a woman’s Prizability filter.

  • A kind of Prizability so power it supersedes all the other forms… and almost instantly pries a woman’s Prizability filter wide open (… and you’ll discover secrets to obtaining it with any woman – even if you’re a homeless toad with a peg leg).

A few words about Comfort...

A woman’s Comfort filter does’t open up until she feels comfortable with:

1) The arousal you’re generating inside her body

2) Acting on that arousal

The things that open up this Comfort filter are not as obvious as many men think.

Most guys are taught that if you are nice to a girl, kiss her ass, and come across as non threatening, it will pry the Comfort filter open. But often times doing these things have the opposite affect... they actually shut a woman's Comfort filter like a dam.

Inside Sexual Connections you're going to get a world class education on opening the Comfort filter... and almost all of the secrets I have NEVER talked about before.



An Inside Look At Few Of The Secrets You'll Discover For Prying Open A Woman's Comfort Filter...

  • Why certain types of rapport do nothing to open a woman’s Comfort filter (If you use these forms of rapport and think you’re creating comfort between you and a woman, you’re in big trouble.)

  • Two ways many a man attempt to create an emotional bond between he and woman that inevitably shuts close a woman’s comfort filter (If you make either of these mistakes, you’re committing attraction suicide).

  • Eight powerful skills for prying open a woman’s comfort filter.

  • A brand spanking new tactic for compelling a woman to feel empathy toward you that opens up her comfort filter (Inside I am going to share a story I tell women that’s so powerful, often times they well up with tears…yet the story does’t put out any red flags about myself).

  • You’ll get a slew of exercises for coming up with your own stories that are just as powerful.

  • How to use reciprocation to open up this filter.

  • Secrets for feeding a woman a logical justification for every step of the attraction process – just this by itself is such a key piece to prying open her comfort filter.

  • Two ways to open up her comfort filter through becoming an authority in her world – one I’m positive that you’ve NEVER heard of.

  • Secrets to changing a woman’s self image so she sees herself as someone who wants to get sexual with you (In other words, this pries open her Comfort filter).

If You Had The Key To Prying Open Women's Brain Filters, What Kind Of Success Would Be Possible?


Compliance Triggers That Are Hardwired Into Every Person On The Planet...

I've been a student of social psychology for over a decade now. And one facet of the discipline that fascinates me is compliance... because everyone at some point has been subject to it.

In fact... a big part of how we live our lives is dictated by these compliance triggers. They are so powerful, most of the time we cannot consciously defy their influence over us.

Some think experts think they are biologically hardwired into us... other think they are the result of being socialized in modern culture.

Yet no one doubts the power they have over us.

Inside Sexual Connections you are going to learn how to apply these compliance triggers to getting the exact outcome with women you want.

Some of these triggers you may have heard of before. Others will probably be completely foreign.

But I am willing to bet... how I apply them... and the context I use them in is completely different from anything you've heard before.



A Sneak Peek At A Few Of The Compliance Triggers You'll Learn Inside...

  • Eight different types of compliance triggers (and dozens of subgroups within each group).
  • How to create the illusion that you've given a woman something - even though you haven't given her anything at all - and compel her to reciprocate on your terms.
  • A compliance trigger that emotionally drives women to confess to their deepest, darkest secrets (I think you can figure how this could be useful.)
  • Five ways to get your outcome with a woman through changing her self image.
  • The secret to turning any girl into a sexual deviant in the bedroom (Imagine quickly and easily turning Miss prude into a naughty girl... inciting her to do things she wouldn't normally do. Yet, afterwards, she'll claim it was her idea all along.)
  • How to use social proof in the context of seduction to get exactly what you want (There's the right way and wrong way to do this. Inside you will discover the right way.)
  • Two ways to get compliance from women through becoming an authority in their world (One of the ways you might know. But I bet you don't know the other. Very few people do. Even though it is blatantly obvious. Know this and you can write your own destiny with women.)

Sexual Frames: The Creme Da La Creme Of Attraction Tools...

Let me share an inherent problem that holds men back from pink abundance…

You could work on opening up each brain filter at a time and then create arousal or visa versa.

But this would be like trying to keep a leaky boat afloat at sea: as soon as you patch up one leak, another becomes a problem. Similarly, as soon as you open up a filter, the other is closed. Or as soon as you’ve generated arousal, the filters have closed back up.

But I’ve come up with a solution. It took me a long time to figure out how to do this (and I am going to share it with you in a second).

In the past I talked a lot about frames. Frames are the underlying meaning of a person’s behaviors and actions. In my other courses I taught how to set frames that make you the Prize the woman is trying to win over.

But in the last few years I’ve developed a new technology I call “sexual frames.” Sexual frames do everything frames do and a heck of a lot more.

Sexual Frames Simultaneously Build Raw Sexual Arousal, Open The Filters Of Prizability & Comfort, & Hit Several Compliance Triggers.


Here’s A Taste Of What You’ll Discover About Sexual Frames Inside…

  • The secrets to setting a sexual frame with congruence and confidence.

  • How to control the sexual frame by ignoring and acknowledging specific thing a woman does and says.

  • The six key secrets to making any sexual frame work

  • A sexual frame that plays on the compliance trigger 'reciprocity' to emotionally drives the woman to engage you (And this works even if she initially thinks you're dog doo doo.)

  • A sexual frame that creates a gift out of thin air and compels the woman to reciprocate on your terms

  • Sexual frames that literally drive women to confess naughty deeds they’ve done in the past and psychologically commit them to seeing themselves as someone who’d rapidly act on the arousal you’ve generating in their body.

  • A sexual frame that gets women to go back to your place – the same night you met them.

  • A step-by-step break down of one of the most insidious sexual frames I’ve ever witnessed (Just learning this could make you dangerous).

  • A sexual frame that changes a woman’s self image by getting her to acknowledge how other perceive her.

  • How to use sexual frames to misinterpret a woman’s behaviors and ultimately transform her self image

  • Sexual frames that exploit 6 different forms of the compliance trigger 'scarcity'.

  • How to use a woman’s uncertainty and indecisiveness to drive her into specific sexual frames.

  • 10 different types of sexual frames that compel women to qualify to you.

  • Six different sexual frame that emotionally drive women to seduce you.

  • Two sexual frames that are driven by the compliance trigger apposition of opposites (a technique hypnotists use to overload the conscious mind and make people more compliant).

  • Ten sexual frames that attribute a male stereotype to a woman – not only are these powerful, but will put women in stitches.

  • Five sexual frames that attribute an undesirable social label to a woman (BTW, these frames don’t demean or put down women. They’re all in good fun and any woman with half a brain will pick up on that).

  • Six frames that work by attributing a gender stereotype to a woman.


Just imagine the success you’ll have when you set sexual frame after sexual frame with a woman… simultaneously stimulating raw sexual arousal in her, prying open her brain filters, and hitting a slew of compliance triggers.

You’ll Leave Her No Choice But To Cater To Every Last One Of Your Sexual Whims.

Q&A About Sexual Connections...

Is this course different from your other courses?

95% of the material is different from my other courses. The 5% overlap is explained in a completely new context.

Is this course advanced? Is this the advanced course you referred to in your Foundations For Generating Attraction course? Do I need to have been exposed to your previous courses to understand it?

This is the advanced course I referred to in my Foundations For Generating Attraction course. But I want to make a small caveat: In this context “advanced” doesn't’t mean you need to be a PHD or a bona fide ladies’ man to reap the maximum benefits from this course. Instead “advanced” means: giving you the concepts and tools to stimulate the deepest and most powerful parts of a woman’s psyche.

If you’ve got ears and eyes, then you have what it takes to master the material in Sexual Connections.

While combining this course with my other courses will have a synergistic affect on women, you do not need to have exposure to my other courses to understand or benefit from Sexual Connections.

How long will it take me to learn the material and get results? Will I need to memorize any fancy script or routines? How is Sexual Connections different from other courses on the market?

I’m gonna be brutally honest with you… If you don’t put in the work, you aren’t going to get any results. Any dating expert that tells you that you can become a ladies man just by having his course in your presence is lying through his teeth. You’ve gotta put in the work, my friend.

I only made a limited quantity of Sexual Connections and am not sure when the next batch will be ready.

If you plan on getting my course as a collectors’ item or a decoration for your bookshelf, please step aside and give someone else who’s serious about mastering Sexual Connections a chance to reserve a copy.

Having said that… The learning curve for Sexual Connections is extremely fast for three important reasons…

1). Almost every dating coach out there has no idea what attraction is. In many cases this severely handicaps their students. Students might think they’re progressing because they can talk to a group of women, or easily get rapport with females or hold a girl’s attention for an hour… and so on. But after a year of no success they start to feel frustrated and suspicious. “Have I been led down the wrong path?” they might wonder?” - and rightfully so.

Not understanding attraction is like trying to win the heavy weight title in boxing with one arm. It might be possible. But it’s gonna be a long hard slog.

On the other hand, Sexual Connections is the only course on the market that authentically breaks down and exploits the biological processes females go through when they become aroused; and reveals the necessary brain filters to turn that arousal into attraction and compel women to take action on it. You’d be hard pressed to find any other dating coach on the planet who even comes close to this. For this reason, the learning curve is not only quick… but a heck of a lot quicker than other systems out there.

2). Sexual Connections takes the guesswork out of the seduction equation. Years ago I read an article written by the marketer John Reese. He said in marketing, it is more important to see the trees than the forest. Well this applies to seduction as well. If someone is spewing vague philosophies about attracting women, your learning curve is going to be brutal.

That’s why Sexual Connections is filled to the brim with specifics and examples.

And for the first time ever, I am going to reveal a step-by-step structure for going from meeting a girl for the first to the bedroom. It is only in the last year that I have really broken down this structure to a science… and inside Sexual Connections I spill the beans completely.

3) With a lot of other dating products on the market, you are expected to memorize a shit pot full of material. With Sexual Connection you aren’t expected to memorize any fancy scripts or routines. Instead you’ll be given exercises that will burn powerful concepts and tools into your neurology. This reduces the learning curve to a fraction of a fraction of what it would normally be.

Will your material work for older guys?

I received several emails from guys in their 50s and 60s wondering if Sexual Connections will help them attract younger women.

First of all, I’ve included a section in Sexual Connections on learning to relate to and connect with younger women (If you’re an older guy and think you have nothing in common with younger women, this section will transform your feelings about that).

Also… more than any of my previous courses Sexual Connections circumvents the age, looks, wealth, and status factors. That’s because Sexual Connections hits a woman’s brain on such a deep and primitive level.

What sort of women does Sexual Connections work on?

Sexual Connections stimulates the biological hardware of a woman’s brain. Because this hardware is universally the same amongst the females, Sexual Connections works on all women.

Do you have to act like a jerk or manipulate women to make Sexual Connections work? After using Sexual Connections on a woman, will she feel buyer’s remorse?

Absolutely not… Sexual Connections isn’t about coercing or manipulating women into thinking or feeling or acting in specific ways. Instead, you’ll discover how to stimulate a woman’s brain in such a way that she feels compelled to act in a way that’s conducive to your outcome.

Because she’ll feel that she’s acting out of her own accord, you NEVER have to worry about her feeling buyer’s remorse. Meaning the power is your hands whether or not you see her again.

Will Sexual Connections help me get a girlfriend? Or is it only for getting women into the sack?

Believe it or not some of my readers are saving their virginity for marriage – and I respect that. More power to them.

But if a woman doesn't’t sexually desire you, it is going to be very difficult to get her into a relationship.

Sexual Connections gives you the power to compel women to sexually desire you and the choice to take your interaction with them in the direction you want: be it, a girlfriend, a wife, a one-night-stand… or whatever.

Is there a workbook with exercises to master the material?

Yes… and its purpose is twofold…

One is to burn out any emotional blocks inside your limbic system about attracting women.

Two is to fry all of these new attraction technologies deep into your neurology. Once they’re burned into your neurology, you won’t have a need to use memorized material.

Here's What You Get With The Sexual Connections Course...

  • Instant Access To 16 CDs worth of Info
  • A 163 page workbook chock full of skills, drills, and exercises for putting into action and getting instant results from the attraction secrets you'll learn inside the audio course.

How much does Sexual Connections cost? Even though it will probably save you years of time, frustration, and, not mentioned thousands of dollars, your investment is only 3 easy payments of $99.97.



Take Sexual Connections For A 7 DAY Test Drive For A Single Dollar

I'm about to do something a little crazy. Well, I'm being modest. Many marketers will think I'm off my freakin' rocker.

I'm going to give you access to my entire Sexual Connections course for 7 days for a single dollar. You'll have a chance to go through the whole course. Go out and apply all of the secrets I reveal. You'll have an opportunity to see for yourself that I know what I am talking about.

Why am I doing this?

For years, whenever I wanted to learn about something, I was reluctant to invest money into educational material.

I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that if the investment paid off, I'd make it in a heartbeat. But I didn't. And because of that I squandered away years trying to figure out things on my own.

There's a good chance you're the same way. But life is short and your love life is no laughing matter.

That's why I've taken all the risk out of this investment by letting you test drive Sexual Connection for 7 days for a single dollar.

If the Sexual Connection is not for you - which I highly doubt - you can cancel anytime within the seven trial period.

If you'd like to keep Sexual Connections, you don't need to do anything further. Your credit card will automatically be billed.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Download your copy of Sexual Connections right now.

Click the button to download Sexual Connections for your 7-day test drive:




Your Loyal Dating Coach,

P.S., If you have any interest in possessing unlimited power and choice with beautiful women, then don't put this off any longer. If you put it off, you probably will NEVER take action. So, click here to get your copy now.

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